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Karina Holmer: Girl Killed By Unknown

Karina Holmer, a youthful Swede from the small village of Alarid, had gained $1,500 with a lottery ticket. She dreamed of touring, so she came to the United States to have entertainment for a little while.

Homer reached the United States in March 1996 and started working as a nanny for Frank Rapp and Susan Nichter, who resided in Dover, Massachusetts. She resided at Rapp’s studio on weekends while touring the city. She had also been dating a regional police officer before her demise.

Holmer Enjoyed The Life

Who Killed Karina Holmer & Why Can't Police Find The Lower Half Of Her Body?
Pic By: Off Beat

While in Boston, Holmer expended most of her weekends partying and drinking at bars in Back Bay and Downtown. Nonetheless, weeks before her demise, she wrote to friends and family at home that “something horrible had happened”, and that she would disclose more when she returned home.

On Friday, June 21st, 1996, Holmer was out partying with friends in Boston’s Theater District at a club named Zanzibar. Numerous witnesses report her being very drunk, and she allegedly passed out in the club’s restroom during the night. What occurred afterwards is uncertain, numerous witnesses gave contradictory statements on where she went. Some tell they noticed her on the intersection of Boylston and Tremont streets, dancing for a homeless man, others contend she was forced into a car, and some tell she took a cab home. Nonetheless, what is obvious is that she was gone.

Dead Body Of Holmer

Karina Holmer; The Unsolved Murder Of 20-Year-Old Swedish Nanny
Credit: Bugged Space

Two days later, on Sunday, a vagrant glancing for bottles to recycle came across a plastic bag in a dumpster behind 1091 Boylston Street in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. When he split the bag open, he discovered a human arm. He instantly called authorities.

The corpse inside was Karina’s. When police glanced through the bag, they discovered that the second half of Karina’s corpse had been cut off. She had also been choked, probably sexually assaulted, and probably tortured. Her corpse had been washed and cleaned as well – no makeup was discovered on it. Police were able to lift a partial fingerprint off the bag, but no matches were discovered.

Police performed searches throughout Back Bay and Fenway for more information, as well as the rest of her remains, but none were discovered. To this day, the rest of her corpse has not been discovered.

Police instantly zeroed in Karina’s employers – Rapp and Nichter.

Police later surveyed Rapp and Nichter’s house in Dover and discovered that their trash bin was on fire when they reached. Dover Police delivered the ashes from the trash to Boston Police for examination, but there was no clue of any remains or blood or anything belonging to Karina in the trash. They could not relate Rapp and Nichter to the crime.

The Zanzibar club later shut down that October due to a suspension of its liquor license. Due to the propaganda encircling the killing, it underwent several name and management changes, but the space stays empty today.

As far as I know, Boston Police still deem this an active case. Nonetheless, I think that it will probably never be unraveled unless the murderer blabs about it. Nonetheless, I do believe the following:

The murderer kidnaped Karina from the nightclub.

She was taken somewhere and sexually attacked.
The murderer knew that information of the sexual attack could be traced back to him, so after murdering her, he cut her corpse along her spinal cord, dumping one half of her corpse in Fenway and the other half elsewhere, probably in a more well-hidden place.

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