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Katelin Michelle Akens: Last Seen

On December 5, 2015, Katelin Michelle Akens disappeared from Springfield, Virginia. The last person believed to notice her is her former stepfather, James Branton. Almost five years later, Katelin stays missing with few leads.

Katelin With Her Fiance

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She resided with her fiancee in Arizona and went home to Spotsylvania, Virginia, in December 2015 to visit her family. Little did they know this was the final time they would see her.

Katelin’s mum, Lisa, entrusted Branton, her ex-husband and Katelin’s former stepfather to take her daughter to the airport. At nearly 1:52 p.m., Branton text-messaged Lisa that she had been dropped off at Regan National Airport and a few minutes later, Katelin text messaged her mum that her cell phone was low on battery and couldn’t talk.

Nothing about this appeared suspicious, but, Katelin’s fiancee, Amber received a text message from her cell phone saying that she was not coming home and something had come up.

Amber called Lisa, who told Amber Branton to drop her off at the airport. Nonetheless, upon investigation, it was discovered that Katelin never boarded her flight to Arizona.

Around 7:15 p.m., Lisa received a series of suspicious text messages from Katelin that said that she “just needed to be left alone.” That is the final time that anyone heard from Katelin.

Two days later, police discovered Katelin’s luggage in a ditch about 50 miles away from the airport. The luggage included her wallet, ID, money, and debit cards, but her clothes were missing and so was her high school diploma.

What do authorities believe occurred?

The police do not think that Katelin Akens left on her own, nor do they think she committed suicide. Katelin had no record of mental disease or disappearing. The family said that this is uncharacteristic of Katelin. She was fascinated to begin cosmetology school in Arizona.

The last place that Katelin was noticed was Branton’s home. Though the case is considered unsolved and Katelin is missing under uncertain situations, many think that Branton is responsible for her disappearance. A few things may contribute to this theory:

Katelin’s luggage was discovered just a few miles from Branton’s house.
Police traced the skeptical text messages from Katelin’s cell phone. The pings exhibited that the messages were sent close to Branton’s house.
Branton rejects cooperating with the authorities. He won’t authorize them to search his mobile or house. He also would not take a polygraph test.
Branton has a second property, but police are incapable to get a warrant because his mum occupies the premises.

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