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Ken McElroy: A Devil Met His End

In 1981 Ken McElroy was an adult man and bully in Skidmore, Missouri. He had been accused of attack, child molestation, statutory rape, burglary, and hog and cattle rustling. He avoided conviction for all of these violations and was released each time.

McElroy Met His Future Wife

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Speaking of statutory rape, he met his future (and 4th) wife Trena McCloud when she was 12 years old. He statutorily raped McCloud repeatedly, also burned her house down, and shot the family dog to urge her parents to agree to their wedding. She became expectant when she was 14. After Trena gave birth to their kid, she fled to her mum’s home, but McElroy brought her back burned down her parent’s home again and shot their dog again.

As was ordinary for McElroy, one day he got into an argument with a town inhabitant and shot him. Luckily the man didn’t die. McElroy was caught then released again. Finally, he also shot a 70-year-old grocer who was sitting outside on a smoke break because the grocer had earlier accused McElroy’s kids of shoplifting 2 cents worth of candy (he had witnessed it).

McElroy Was Arrested

McElroy was caught for the shooting and sentenced then authorized to go free on bond while he was waiting for his appeal. The whole town was baffled because the police weren’t doing their job and keeping this man away from them. He had been released by the police 21 times after various harmful and antisocial behaviors.

When McElroy was released on bond after the shooting he expended his time harassing the grocer who had luckily survived. He threatened to murder him, as well as threatening anyone sympathetic to or associated with the grocer. McElroy would sit outside their homes in his truck at night for hours. He even threatened to murder a minister for being sympathetic to the grocer.

One day McElroy and Trena went to a bar in town. They went in for some drinks and everyone in the bar sort of looked at them and went silent. People stayed for a little bit then McElroy and Trena left because it was a strange mood.

They left the bar and got in their pickup truck. Trena looked in the side view mirror and saw that a crowd of about 30–46 people had huddled behind them. Before she realized it their truck was pierced with bullets and she looked over and saw that McElroy was dead from a shot in the back of the skull. She hadn’t been hit at all.


When the police reached the scene the town was deserted, there was no one there, just a vacant street with a pickup with McElroy dead inside. He had been hit by bullets from at least 2 different firearms. The police queried the townspeople but no one in the whole town would say who shot McElroy. To this day after more than 20 years, no one has spoken out or been arrested.

Ken Rex McElro

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