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Lady Of The Dune, An Unsolved Murder Of A Woman

This takes place on Cape Cod Massachusetts, more precisely Provincetown or Ptown to the locals. The unsolved murder of an unknown woman.

This occurred in the summer of 1974 while they just so happened to be filming the hit movie Jaws.

Growing up with family friends either being that individual or knowing people who alleged to be on Cape or even on that set specifically, they have never talked about that.

I found out about this tale when I was younger and always keep tabs on it, I really think about this quite a bit for some reason.

A girl discovered the woman’s corpse in July 1974. The remains were just yards away from a road and had a substantial amount of insect activity. Two sets of footprints led to the corpse, and tire tracks were discovered 50 yards from the spectacle. The woman may have perished two weeks before her corpse was discovered.

The victim was face-down on half of a beach blanket. There was no indication of a struggle; police assumed she either knew her murderer or had been sleeping when she perished. A blue bandanna and pair of Wrangler jeans were under her head. She had long auburn or red hair, pulled back into a ponytail with a gold-flecked flexible band. Her toenails were painted pink.

The Woman

Pic: Wikipedia

Police assumed the woman was nearly 5 feet 6 inches tall (initially thought to have been 5’8″) weighed 145 pounds and had an athletic shape. She also had dental work – including crowns – worth $5,000-$10,000; dentists call it the “New York-style” of dental work. Various of her teeth had been removed. One hand and one forearm were missing. Most references say she was between 25 and 40 years old. Nonetheless, she could have been as young as 20 or as old as 49.

Woman was Strangled

Lady of the Dunes - Wikipedia
Pic: Wikipedia

The woman was almost decapitated, probably from strangulation; one side of her head had been mashed with (possibly) a military-entrenching type of tool. This head injury was what murdered her. There were also indications of sexual attack, likely postmortem.

Some detectives feel the missing teeth, hands, and forearm suggest the murderer wanted to protect either the victim’s identity or their own.

Serial killer Hadden Clark contended he murdered her but he has been known to lie about committed crimes before.

Whitey Bulger has been correlated to this only by minor details that fit other murders he has done or supposedly done in the past.

Tony Costa a serial killer on the cape at the time was believed to be a subject until it was disclosed he perished in May 1974.

The son of Stephen King himself Joe Kelly (I think that’s his name) thinks the lady of the dunes looks like an extra you can watch in the movie Jaws. An assumption he has put out into the world himself wondering if it’s logical.

Another assumption is one of an escaped inhabitant from the Plymouth jail. Who has been substantiated to not match with two different DNA tests using saliva from the inhabitant’s mum before she passed away?

The last theory is one of physic contending it was a Canadian nurse that went missing they had two distinct names given and one name was that of a nurse in mass who was discovered alive and unharmed confirming the physic wrong.

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