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Laureen Of New Hampshire Disappeared Without Trace

In 1980, Laureen resided in Manchester, New Hampshire with her mum, Judith Rahn. On the evening of April 26, Judith left her daughter alone in their apartment to go out of town. When Judith came back later that night, she found that one of Laureen’s female friends was napping in her bed, but Laureen herself had disappeared without explanation.

This case of Laureen has more unusual elements than you could imagine…

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When Judith came back to the apartment building, it was in total darkness because all of the light bulbs had been unscrewed on all three of the building’s floors.

Laureen and her female friend had been drinking alcohol with a male companion that night, but he sneaked out the apartment’s back door because he wrongly reckoned he heard Judith in the hallway; in 1985, this male friend committed suicide, but police did not think he was involved in Laureen’s disappearance.

In October 1980, Judith discovered three unexplained calls on her cell phone bill which had been made from California; neither Judith nor anyone else in her family had any known ties to California.

One of the bizarre calls was made to a teen sexual assistance hotline run by a California physician; at first, the physician refuted noticing anything, but years later, told investigators that his spouse housed runaway girls and that one of them may have been from New Hampshire.

The physician then inexplicably pointed detectives towards porn star Annie Sprinkle, contending she knew teen runaways; they saw some of Sprinkle’s adult films to notice if Laureen might be in them but discovered nothing to relate Sprinkle to the case.

Two of the phone calls on Judith’s bill were made from a Santa Monica hotel, which was allegedly used by a child pornographer called “Dr. Z”; unfortunately, I have no knowledge about this “Dr. Z” except for a short mention in the Charley Project write-up.

For years, Laureen’s mum and sister would receive bizarre phone calls in the middle of the night from someone who would stay quiet; the calls proceeded until Judith altered her number and shifted to Florida.

Police wondered if Laureen’s disappearance might be related to the disappearances of Denise Dunault and Rachael Garden, two other youthful New Hampshire females who disappeared that exact year; Denise Dunault resided two blocks away from Laureen and vanished only six weeks later, but sadly, there looks like to be zero evidence about her case online (not even a picture of the victim!)
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This story is very frustrating because even though there are a lot of interesting indications, the absence of available data about this case on the Internet implies that most of these indications are lacking in particular details, so it’s difficult to realize what to make of the whole thing.

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