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Lewis Clark Valley murders

“(Steven) Pearsall was last noticed at the Lewiston Civic Theater in Lewiston, Idaho on September 14, 1982. He was assigned as a janitor there and asked his friends to drop him off so he could do some laundry and rehearse his clarinet. He has never been listened to again. Pearsall is a former U.S. Air Force corporal.

He left his clarinet behind at the theatre, which is unusual for him. He also left his car parked at a friend’s home and an uncashed paycheck at his apartment. Pearsall disappeared on the exact night as stepsisters Kristina Nelson, 21, and Jacqueline A. “Brandy” Miller, 18. The two women were last noticed leaving Nelson’s apartment to go to a grocery store. They resided only a few blocks from Pearsall’s apartment and they would have passed the theatre on their path and may have gone inside.

A Janitor

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Nelson had recently been a janitor at the theatre, and when she resigned, Pearsall replaced her. Nelson and Miller’s corpses were discovered in a canyon in Kendrick, Idaho nearly two years after they went missing; their homicides remain unsolved. Pictures of Nelson and Miller are posted with this case summary. Authorities think it’s logical Pearsall witnessed their killings and was himself murdered as a result.

Investigators think Pearsall’s disappearance and Nelson and Miller’s killings are related to the disappearance of Christina White, who vanished from the county fair in Asotin County, Idaho in 1979, and the killing of Kristin David, a University of Idaho student who vanished in 1981 and was found killed eight days later. A picture of David is posted with this case summary. Investigators have an individual of interest in all those cases.

Steven R. Pearsall – Missing Veterans
Credit: Missing Person

He was also one of the final people realized to have noticed Christina before she disappeared, and he was active at the Lewiston Civic Theater. David retains his innocence in the killings and disappearances. He has never been publicly recognized, but he’s been questioned numerous times by police. All of the cases stay unsolved.”

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