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Lily Jean Schettini: Unsolved Murder Of 18 Month Old Baby

Lily Jean Schettini, 18 months old was brutally murdered after sustaining dreadful injuries yet due to a lack of evidence no one has ever been accused of her killing.

The young girl perished on June 1, 2010, after undergoing a brain trauma after being banged in the head at her house in Adelaide and 11 years on investigators are no closer to solving her death.

1 Million Reward For Lily Jean Case

Police wish that proposing a $1 million reward will encourage witnesses to disclose the facts from the disastrous night.

‘We are not confident we have got credible versions of what happened that night,’ Detective Senior Sergeant Mark McEachern.

The 18-month-old toddler was discovered unconscious in her bed and despite the tries of paramedics to save her life, the startling trauma suffered to her brain was eventually deadly.

Four suspects have been recognized by Major Crime detectives, yet an absence of evidence has meant they are incapable to charge any of them.

Lily Was Killed By a Closer

Lilly Jean Schettini
Source: Crime Stopper

‘Someone in the home has been responsible for the attack either overnight Monday or Tuesday morning but we have insufficient information as to who,’ Detective Senior Sergeant Mark McEachern revealed.

In June Lily was at her Smithfield Plains house with her mum, three of her mother’s friends, and her older sister.

When her mum and a female friend left the house around 9.30 am, Lily was left in the care of two males as she and her sister were in bed in their joint bedroom.

When queried by detectives, Lily’s mum claims she never saw her daughter that morning as she ‘did not want to rouse her.’

One of the men left the house at 11.30 am, and an hour later at 12.30 pm, the remaining male discovered Lily in her bed ‘unresponsive’.

A post-mortem indicated that Lily had perished of a head trauma yet it is unfamiliar at what point in time the injury was caused.

‘The trauma could have been inflicted either through shaking or attack or falling. We suspect that she did not fall and that she was attacked,’ Det Snr-Sgt McEachern said.

Despite no prior complaints to authorities with regards to the supervision of the kids, police have revealed their suspicions that the kids had been left alone in a bedroom for a lengthy period.

Lily’s mum Jessica Schettini posted an emotional tribute on Facebook on June 5, 2010

Petition · We demand an independent inquiry into the murder of baby Lily  Jean Schettini ·
Pic: Change Org

It read: “my lovely baby girl, you left us too soon. I miss you so much, ill have you in my arms again one day baby girl I love you so much nana will look after you. Wait for me. All my love Mummy xxx”.

Jessica resided at the Smithfield Plains house with Lily and another daughter, Charlotte, 3.

If you know what occurred to Lily that evening or have listened to things within the population you may think could assist in this case, please come forward.
No matter how huge or minor the evidence, pass it on.

Rewards up to $1,000,000 will be paid by the Government of South Australia, at the discretion of the Commissioner of Police, to anyone who gives data and assistance that directs to the conviction of the person or persons credible for the suspected killing of Lilly Jean Schettini.

Rewards on offer to solve two South Australian child murder mysteries - ABC  News
Pic: ABC

Please call Crime Stoppers with any advice, you can remain anonymous. 1800 333 000.

Source: Crime Stoppers

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