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Lisa Renée Irwin: Vanished In Air

The missing case of Lisa Renée Irwin

On Tuesday, October 4th of 2011, Deborah Bradley checked on her baby Lisa at around 10:30 pm to see her napping soundly. From that point forward, with her baby put to sleep, Deborah decided to open a bottle of wine and begin drinking with her friend and neighbor, knowing that all of her duties for the day had been finalized. Her partner, Jeremy, had just started a job working on building a new Starbucks, and for the first time was working overnight away from his family.

Upon reaching home from his job in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Jeremy was irritated to discover the lights on, an open window, and the front door unlocked. Jeremy and Deborah had talked numerous times in the past about keeping doors and windows locked and leaving the lights off to help bring down their heating and electric bills, as money had been tight.

Once he went to check on his daughter and couldn’t discover her in her crib, he aroused his wife, and the couple frantically scoured through their home and street to check if Lisa had somehow managed to climb out of her crib and strayed from the house. Once they realized, they could not find her, they called 911 and filed a missing person report, and thereafter, an AMBER alert went out to the area.

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Lisa Parents

There has been much anxiety around Lisa’s parents, with several challenging the character of her mum, Deborah, for getting drunk with a baby in the home. Nonetheless, this has prevented police from performing a proper investigation and has taken much of the media attention away from Lisa and towards defaming Deborah. Deborah also claims that the police have accused her of being involved in her daughter’s disappearance and have unfairly targeted her without proof, claiming that she was told by police, “You did it. You did it. And we have nothing”. Deborah also claims they told an untruth about her failing a polygraph test to coerce an incorrect confession.

In terms of real suspects, two observers interviewed by police during the investigation claim to have noticed a man walking down Lisa’s street carrying a baby. They reported that the baby looked as if it had been carried out on last-minute notice, citing that she was outfitted inappropriately for the chilly October weather, wearing no coat or warm clothes. While the police found the man one observer believes to have seen and cleared him, the other observer said that the man police arrested was not the man she saw that day.

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Still No Answer

In continuing the inquiry, the family still wishes for answers. An unknown benefactor has since hired a private investigator for the case and has given a $100,000 reward for data leading to Lisa’s return. Thankfully, the police have the suspicion that baby Lisa may still be alive, and do not indicate to point to the contrary. Her dad, Jeremy, stated, “We just want to make certain that we tell everybody that we’re still cooperating. We’re still speaking to the police. We’re doing everything we can to try to discover Lisa and bring her home.” The family holds out hope and wishes that the public will proceed to do so as well.

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