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Lori Lee “Sled Dog” Malloy: Still Unsolved

Lauren lee began this petition to Daniel McKee (Governor – RI) and 4 others.
On Sunday, March 7, 1993, 30-year-old Lori Lee “Sled Dog” Malloy was discovered dead by police on the toilet floor of her East Providence, Rhode Island apartment, following an unusual welfare call from her boyfriend.

Lori Room

The front door to the apartment was open and the bathroom sink faucet was running when officers reached the scene. There were two drinking glasses and leftover food salad on the kitchen table. The refrigerator was full but unplugged.

The young mum was nude, with recent scrapes on her upper thighs and arm. Her dark hair was ripped out, all over the apartment. She had a clump of hair between the toes of one foot, strands bandaged between the fingers of one hand, and a “bracelet” of hair around the other.

Lori’s case was examined as murder. Detectives from the East Providence Police Department discarded 14 pieces of evidence, including a hair sample from a clump of light-brown hair discovered in a shoe on top of a table by the front door that looked, as one officer described, “as if it had been ripped out of someone’s head.” Other items comprised a bath towel with evident mucous on it, the master bed sheets and comforter, many items of infant clothing, hairs, and drinking glasses. A sexual attack kit was completed.


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Lori’s divorce from John “Scary Harry” Mariano was finalized three weeks after her demise. In a 1988 jail letter from John to Lori, just eight months after their marriage, John told Lori she could testify against him and see him in two years, or beg the state of RI to drop charges and see him in six months. “The choice is yours,” he wrote. John committed a felony attack against Lori in 1990 and violated a defensive order against her just before her filing.

Lori broke up with her daughter’s birth father, Thomas Kelly, in July 1992. Soon after the breakup, she wrote in her planner, “Tommy’s dangers over Lauren will settle soon.” Lauren was finally removed from Tommy’s care after her mum’s casualty.

Lori’s original autopsy was performed by a medical examiner who ultimately lost his license to practice in RI, after losing it in MA. Known for misdiagnosing cases, the doctor had hundreds of cases reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office; Lori’s was just missed by a few short months, from his time as a temporary fill-in worker at the RI MEs Office.


The ME who performed Lori’s autopsy inaccurately closed the case as a “natural” manner of casualty caused by “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,” despite his notes describing the lack of crucial harm to Lori’s heart. He did not make note of the situation of Lori’s scalp or comment on her neat toxicology screening, a curious finding considering all notes about her case labeled Lori as a “known cocaine user.”

EPPD closed their murder investigation following the amended manner and reason of death given by the RI MEs Office.

In August 2020, new data was brought forward that led to Lori’s case being reinvestigated by EPPD, the RI Medical Examiners Office, the Attorney General’s Office, and Unsolved RI. The MEs Office assumed that Lori Malloy did not perish of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; in fact, she had no noticeable natural or unnatural reason to die. Founded on his observations, the senior ME handling Lori’s modern case review thought she required to be exhumed and her inquiry completely redone. At this time, EPPD investigators are following up on new observer statements and other data obtained through a substantial investigation by Unsolved RI, to present a case to the state of RI for why Lori Malloy’s homicide investigation should be officially reopened.

A $1,000 prize is being proposed by Unsolved RI for any data leading to an arrest.

Lori Lee Malloy was the mum of Lauren Lee Malloy, creator of Unsolved RI.

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