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Louise Bell: Mystery Of Abduction

On January 5th, 1983, 10-year-old Louise Bell was abducted from her bedroom window at her Hackham West home in Adelaide, South Australia.

Louise Was Abducted

Pic: BBC

Weeks after taking Louise, her abductor called Kathleen Smith – who resided near the Bells – and inquired about medical advice for Louise.
He told her where to find Louise’s earrings – under a brick at the Beach Rd-South Rd intersection. Earrings matching Louise’s and recognized by her mum were discovered.

Five weeks later he left Louise’s pajama top – neatly folded – on Mrs. Smith’s front lawn.
Algae and soil samples discovered on the pajamas op led police to the estuary region at Noarlunga but no trace of the girl was discovered.

Pedophile Raymond John Giesing was sentenced to the crime, despite nobody being found, but later was acquitted on appeal.
Nonetheless, following a developed form of DNA testing done in the Netherlands (low-copy DNA testing) and a confession made in prison, Dieter Pfennig was accused of her murder after his DNA was discovered on her shirt. Dieter was detained at the time for the kidnapping and murder of Michael Black in January 1989 and the molestation of another boy later that year.
He was a suspect for more than 2 decades and lived only 10 minutes from the house with his wife and 2 daughters.


The former maths and science teacher refuted the charge and he did not give evidence at his trial, which ran for numerous months over 2015 and 2016.
During the trial, the prosecutor Sandi McDonald said the likelihoods of a random male giving such a DNA match were bigger than one in a billion.
The defense lawyer for Pfennig Paul Charman argued that the evidence fell short of confirming Pfennig committed the crime.

He said the DNA could have ended up on the top through contact with Pfennig’s daughter, who played basketball with Louise.
The pajama top was discovered neatly folded on a neighbor’s front lawn, the trial heard.

Louise Cloth

This theory was debunked as Louise had received the pajamas for Christmas and had not been in connection with pfennigs’ daughter. The top had also been recently washed before Louise wore it to bed, Discarding all touch DNA.

The court heard Pfennig suffered from insomnia and liked to walk the streets at night. He lived in the same neighborhood as Louise.

Pfennig had previously admitted to fellow inmates while in jail. Explaining he could not disclose the location of his first killed victim Michael Black because of the girl that’s there. Insinuating they were both buried in the exact location.

Michael Black was 10 years old.
He had been fishing in a reserve near Murray Bridge on 18th January 1989 when he came into contact with Dieter. He was kidnapped and killed.
Pfennig placed the boy’s belongings upstream to give the feeling he had drowned while swimming, but his corpse was never discovered.
Pfennig has also confessed to abducting and sexually attacking another boy, 13, in late 1989.

Pfennig was detained for life with a 38-year non-parole period in 1992 for Michael’s Murder.

Land title office records show Pfennig owned the Holly rise property in Hackam from 1977 until the day he was taken into custody for Michael’s killing. (Keeping in mind Louise’s disappearance 6 years earlier.)
The home and property have been greatly scoured many times throughout the years but had failed at discovering any evidence of remains.

Dieter Pfennig has never disclosed the locations of Both Michael and Louise, despite having made comments to fellow captives he still rejects the involvement in Louise’s kidnapping to the police.

He will die in jail. Was he belong?

If you have any data that may guide you to the whereabouts or location of Both Michael and Louise’s remains, Please phone Crime Stoppers.
You can remain anonymous. 1800 333 000.

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