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Mary Lucinda:The Murder of Mary Lucinda Strange

The Murder of Mary Lucinda Strange

Recently, I have begun examining cold cases on the Kentucky State Police website. I decided to do a series of write-ups on some of the cases that have caught my attention. At the prime of every post, I’ll include a link to the cold case on KSP’s website. All other resources will be linked at the bottom.

Mary Lucinda Strange

Mary Lucinda Strange was a 39-year-old white woman from Bardstown, Kentucky. She was a wife and a mum. Strange worked as a hostess at the restaurant inside the Holiday Inn at Bardstown.

On March 25th 1990, Strange left her pastoral house to go for a walk at nearly 7:10 in the evening. Although the time varied, Strange took such walks daily. It would be about ten* minutes later that a passing motorist would spot her corpse abandoned in a roadside ditch. She perished from more than 40 stab wounds to the chest and back. Her assailant deeply slashed the corner of her mouth and dealt a drastic blow to the back of her skull. Strange sustained many defensive wounds. She bled to death only 200 yards from her house.

No suspects or intentions were officially given by police.

Conflicting Information

First police report received was at 9 pm EST by a motorist thinking the corpse was the result of a hit and run according to the Advocate Newspaper. The official KSP website reports her corpse was sighted ten minutes after her walk started at 7:10 pm. It could be possible police later heard from an observer who spotted her corpse earlier than the initial report. Although, if that is the case, why you wouldn’t report a bloody corpse sooner is a little baffling. People close to Strange characterized her as kind, trusting, and sharp to help others.

Local Gossip

Drugs – Many people doubt a drugs relevant intention as a big drug bust had happened at the Holiday Inn only a week before Strange was killed. Strange was working the night of the bust. There is no data to indicate Strange was using drugs. But some people think she may have been viewed as a “rat” or was glimpsed cooperating with police by the wrong individual.

Personal Thoughts

 Mary Lucinda <I>Osbourne</I> StrangePic Credit: Find A Grave

Overkill – How Strange was murdered was extremely brutal. The number of defensive wounds indicates she battled hard against her killer(s). The 40+ stab wounds, head trauma, and the mutilation of her mouth all appears like overkill and makes me feel the murderer knew Strange and wanted to harm her badly.

Planned – The fact that she only managed to make it 200 yards from her home and that she seemingly died within 10 minutes of leaving her house makes me think the killing was possibly planned. She went on walks daily. Anyone who knew that fact only required to wait until she left her home alone.

DNA – I’m very interested as to whether or not the police obtained any DNA evidence. With numerous defensive wounds, I would be curious as to whether any of her murderer’s DNA was under her fingernails.

Source: Reddit

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