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Max Spiers, Strange Case Of Odd Guy

Max Spiers was a British conspiracy theorist who perished unexpectedly on July 16th, 2016. His demise resulted in major controversy among the conspiracy community due to its unusual details and extraordinary ending, which ultimately made him the target of reports from the BBC. Max believed in many mysterious events, including that he had been altered as a kid to become a super soldier (weird, I know!). His credibility as a theorist was mistrusted among several other theorists, particularly that of Adam Borowski from Radio Paranormalium, a Polish journalist who stated that he ‘collected others research and claimed it as his own.

Death of Max

Max Spiers death coroner attacks 'incompetent' police | Poland | The  Guardian
PiC By Guardian

Max died on July 16th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland whilst visiting a friend of his. In a BBC documentary about his demise, his mum stated that she was concerned about his mental health before his demise and that she was afraid he had gotten involved with the wrong crowd. A video taken before his demise disclosed that, according to his mum, he had indications of substance intoxication and that he had been like this in the past after taking heroin. Another hypothesis close to Max stated that his drug use was controlled by extraterrestrial life. Before his demise, a message was sent to his mum stating ‘your boys in trouble. If anything occurs to me, investigate!’ It is reported that Max vomited a quantity of black fluid before he perished.

Per a diary entry written by Max, aged 5, he accounted for noticing “lights outside of the window and weird men wearing v shapes around their necks.”

Later Life

In later life, Spiers went on to remember several events including out-of-body experiences which he utilized to justify conspiracy theories, including the assumption that he had been given magical powers at birth.

So obviously this is an unusual case, deeming that Max was obsessed with Conspiracy Theories, which directs to some conspiracy theories that relate to his demise. I’ll be going over some that I came up with and some that I have also read.

Soon before his demise, Max was reported ‘very close’ to unraveling a UFO theory. Could this be related to his demise?

Max perished in Warsaw, Poland. Do you know who also came from Warsaw, Poland? Adam Borowski! The man who called him out for being a so-called fake? Could Adam have anything to do with this?

Another hypothesis indicates that his demise has nothing to do with Adam and nothing to do with his analyses. Earlier in life, he broke down his pelvis, leading him to be given a huge amount of drugs and painkillers. This could be a link to the poisoning implying that he could have just had a drug overdose.

Which hypotheses do you believe and what are your opinions on this case?

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