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Mercedes Clement: The Last Call

Mercedes Clement

Mercedes, a young single mother, was last seen going across a parking lot on the evening of 11 October 2020. She made numerous frantic calls to pals requesting a ride. She was never seen or heard from again, sadly. She was in her 25th year.

Her parents, Alicia and Emiliano Gazotti, had been searching for her incessantly. On ‘Good Morning America,’ her mother stated, ‘Mercedes, she was a gift. She was always saving money for the homeless…she always had a great heart of gold.”

Parents refuse to give up hope in search for missing 26-year-old daughter -  ABC News
Pic: ABC.Net


She was captured on surveillance film strolling across a parking lot outside the Koko Apartment Complex in Dallas, Texas, USA, at approximately 11 p.m. with the lead suspect in her murder. Between 1 and 8 a.m., no images were captured. Mercedes called her pals, explaining that she was terrified and needed a ride to her vehicle (some sources say a ride home). She said, “I’ve had to go,” and then the phone went dead; that was the last anyone heard from her.

Her parents received a letter the following day informing them that Mercedes’ automobile had been towed. Her pocketbook, wallet, and car key were in the vehicle, and her bra was on the passenger seat. Her parents suspected something was amiss.


The investigation was assigned to detective Patty Belew. She investigated the seven hours of missing parking lot footage from the Koko/Luau Apartments. The company that installed the monitoring system informed her that malfunctions such as the one that occurred that night are uncommon.

Mercedes’ purse was the same one she was observed carrying inside the apartment complex, so either she brought it back to the car herself or someone else placed it there. How was the purse able to enter the vehicle if the car keys were already inside? Presumably, the vehicle was unlocked the entire time.

Belew identified many persons of interest, some of whom were involved in drug use. Notably, one of these persons of interest is 36-year-old Tanner Losson, who appeared on the surveillance footage. He refused to speak with police and, as of December 2021, was detained on unrelated charges at the Dallas County Jail.

Unearthing of remains

In Princeton, Texas, her skeletal remains were discovered in a rural area near Lavon Lake. Her identity was determined using dental records.


Her father states, “We have an incredible detective squad.” They all arrived. They all showed up together “. Mercedes was part Hispanic and part Asian, and her family hopes that situations like this would raise awareness of other missing multiracial people.

She has a 6-year-old son named Darryn. Mercedes’s father told reporters that Darryn claimed to have communicated with Mercedes’s mother. She informed him that she was lost in the woods.

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