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Metal Fang: A Horrible Man From Kazakhstan

Serial Killer: Nikolai Dzhumagaliev or Metal Fang

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (born November 15, 1952) is a convicted Soviet necrophiliac cannibal serial killer. Hailing from Uzynagash, Kazakh SSR (modern-day Kazakhstan), Dzhumagaliev massacred and feasted upon 10 people that police know of between 1979 – 1980, though authorities think he may be responsible for up to 100 killings total.

During his youth, his teeth were smashed out in a battle and he had a set of unique sharpened metal chompers custom created, earning him the nickname Metal Fang.

Metal Fang is not your stereotypical serial killer. Fang never persecuted animals as a kid. He didn’t piss his bed. He wasn’t abused. There was no late-night sneaky uncle. Fang stayed with his parents and three sisters in a glad family environment.

He is alluring, well-spoken, creative and some say handsome. Fang is more of a Hannibal Lecter-type serial killer. After leaving school he worked for a time at a railway in Atyrau. Before being recruited into the Soviet Army to work on chemical weapons. When his service finished off he traveled for a while before coming back home and taking on a job as a firefighter.

Metal Fang schemed his first kill meticulously, which he later recalled fondly after his eventual apprehension:

“I always adored to hunt, frequently went hunting, but this was my initial time hunting a woman. When I went out on the Uzun-each-Maibulak track, I saw some youthful peasant woman. She was lonely. I felt my heart pound within me and I ran after her.

Listening to my footsteps, she swiveled around, but I caught up with her and put my arm around her neck, pulling her to the side of the landfill. She resisted, and then I slash her throat with a knife. Then I drank her blood. At this point, from the village seemed Bus Factory.

I laid down on the ground and kneeled next to the murder. While I was lying in my cold hands. When the bus drove, I warmed my hands on the woman’s corpse and stripped her naked and cut the corpse’s breast into strips, eliminated the ovaries, segregated the pelvis and hips; I then folded these chunks into a backpack and carried them home.

And melted the fat to fry with, and some parts I pickled. Once I put the parts through a meat grinder and made dumplings. I conserved the meat for myself; I never served it to anyone else. Twice I grilled the heart and the kidneys. Grilled meat, too.

But it was hard, and cooking it for a long time had its fat. The meat of this woman took me a month to eat. The first time I ate human flesh through the power, and then used.”


Throughout 1979, Metal Fang is realized to have murdered at least 6 more people. He ate on their flesh and organs. He even threw macabre dinner parties at the house, inviting friends over for an elegant banquet where they would unknowingly eat the killing victims.

Metal Fang always kept the choicest cuts for himself, thinking that dining on the ‘long pig’ (cannibalistic euphemism for human flesh) gave him outstanding powers. On August 21 of that year, he got stinking drunk and accidentally shot a friend.


He was caught and diagnosed as schizophrenic, but he was out in under a year, at which point he instantly started again hunting and murdering people, committing at least 3 more cannibal murders.

Metal Fang’s next dinner party would be the undoing of his preliminary supremacy of terror. As usual numerous guests were present. He attracted one woman to a back room under the pretense of needing assistance. While he was out of the room one of his guests shouted as he opened the fridge to help himself to a drink, just to be greeted with the sight of the cracked head of Metal Fang’s latest casualty.

The leftovers were staring back at him from the icebox with cold, dead eyes, the mouth twisted and frozen in a silent cry of horror. Meanwhile, another scream came from the back room. The guests hurried to investigate. They discovered Metal Fang bent over the corpse of the unfortunate guest he had lured away, dismembering her with a hatchet. They disappeared into the night and raised the alarm. Police reached to discover Metal Fang kneeling over the corpse, naked and smeared with blood. They were so stunned that Metal Fang was able to flee into the nearby mountains, still nude and armed with his hatchet. He didn’t get far – he was caught the next day, December 19, 1980.


This Metal-Fanged Cannibal Escaped Twice – Now He's On The Run
Pic: All That Interesting

At trial, Metal Fang was found not guilty because of madness, being remanded to a mental institution in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to undergo psychiatric medication. In a scene straight out of a horror film, Metal Fang fled in 1989 whilst being moved to another facility. He hid in the Kyrgyzstan mountains where he likely carried on his murdering spree. Nearly 2 years later he was recaptured in April of ’91 in Fergana, Uzbekistan. Importantly, administrations at the time did not make his escape known to the public for fear of causing anxiety.

It is thought that Metal Fang has fled custody once again, breaking out from the mental hospital where he was being held on December 23, 2015. Several afraid observers have reported sightings of the cannibal around Almaty, Kazakhstan since the escape and he is thought to have kidnaped and murdered 22-year-old Saida Akzhanova, who has been missing since New Year’s Eve 2015. Nonetheless, Some say it’s just a rumor.

Authorities have declined to comment on the accusation, fuelling speculation that they are staying tight-lipped like they did the last time Metal Fang fled due to worries over provoking widespread public panic.

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