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Mitrice Richardson, An Unsolved Case Of Death

Mitrice Richardson
Malibu, CA

The Mystery of Mitrice Richardson | by Ingeborg Amelia Olsen | The True  Crime Edition | Medium
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Mitrice Richardson, 24, lived with her great grandmother and had gone home to have a feast with her on Sept.16th but then decided to do something unique and take a little road trip.

She took off towards Malibu, 40 miles away. At 7 pm she pulled up to the valet at a restaurant called Geoffrey’s and while the valet was parking another vehicle, Mitrice got out of her car and got into the car of the valet worker. When inquired what she was doing, she told she was looking at his cd’s. He said her attitude was strange and that she was talking in shattered sentences. He ushered Mitrice out of his car and into the restaurant.

Mitice Asks For Table

Mitrice asks for a table for 1 – she began to order a very costly meal. She glimpses a group of people and decides to invite herself to their table. The people she joined characterized her as elegant but eccentric. When they were done with their meal they left – leaving Mitrice alone again.

Maurice began to leave when the manager interrupted her asking her how she would like to pay for her dinner. She told she did not have cash and then called her grandmother. Her grandmother told the restaurant she would provide them with a credit card number over the phone but the restaurant would not receive payment over the phone for security purposes.

Wallet Was In Car

Mitrice Richardson Missing
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Employees requested to pay her bill but management guessed it was best to let authorities deal with it. When 911 was called they said to the dispatcher that they thought she was on drugs due to her attitude. When police reached and conducted a field sobriety test, Mitrice passed. Mitrice told her wallet was in her car and begged them to get it. While looking for her wallet, they discovered a bit of marijuana and she ended up being caught.

Mitrice’s mom, Latice Sutton, was told by her mum what had occurred and Lattice called the restaurant. At this point, the restaurant notified her Mitrice had been caught. She then called the police station substantiating she was there and voiced her suspicions about her being released in the middle of the night and being so far away from her car. She was told not to concern, that Mitrice would not be released until morning.

Sept 17th 2009-Agoura Hills, Ca

Lattice called the police station first thing that morning with strategies of bailing out her daughter but instead was notified that Mitrice had been released 5 hours earlier at 12:30 am. They told it was due to the reality she had a decent record and exhibited no indications of mental incapacitation.

Police alleged they attempted to get Mitrice to stay in the lobby but she had refused that offer and left alone.

With no phone calls from Mitrice to any family after her release – Her mom became very anxious and attempted to file a missing person report.

A Woman

A man from Monte Nido, Ca. called authorities to report a woman being in his backyard which is 6 to 8 miles from the police station. He noted that he inquired if she was ok and she said she was “just resting”. When he went to another window to get a decent look, “the woman” was gone. The police showed up, they glanced around, didn’t glimpse her and so they left.

When Lattice reached the station to file a missing person report, a deputy told her about the sighting in Monte Nido and gave her advice to “check it out” but gave no sudden help. They did finally send police and a search was performed beginning at the home in Monte Nido where the woman had been glimpsed.


Dogs did pick up Mitrice’s odour until it vanished at a nearby house. They also saw what was thought to be Mitrice’s footprints – the appearance seemed to go from walking to running and then just ended. After an 8 hours search, they halted the efforts in Monte Nido. Although search parties began to look for Mitrice in 2010 – there were no outcomes or further leads.

Monday, March 29th, 2010 family huddled at the police station to examine videotape reflecting Mitrice’s last movements.

This videotape – which police initially claimed didn’t exist… showed Mitrice acting volatile, nervous, and out of character. Also glimpsed on this tape was a deputy leaving minutes after Mitrice left which was unusual because the family was originally told that no deputies were in the station when Mitrice left. All this left the family with further questions than answers.

Aug 9th, 2010

Park rangers doing regular rounds through the hills of Monte Nido fumbled upon bones of what seemed to be a woman. An hour later sheriff deputies reached the spectacle. The skeleton remains were collected and helicoptered out of the ravine, against the coroner’s recommendation. On August 12th the remains were substantiated to be those of Mitrice Richardson. The autopsy report noted her cause of demise was “undetermined.”

Lattice does not think this was anything but killing. Mitrice was discovered without clothes on and in such a remote region, that she thinks this was done by someone else and that her corpse was disposed of there.

11 months after originally finding remains of Mitruce – in July 2011 after Mitrice was laid to rest, more of her bones were discovered. But still ruled “undetermined” when assessed by the coroner’s office.

Previously- On June 26th, 2010, Mitrice’s mum filed suit against the station.

During the pretrial deposition in a lawsuit against the Lost Hills substation, it was brought up in testimony that some deputies were familiar with Mitrice’s erratic attitude, including the arresting officer. This data asserted the families belief that authorities should have kept Mitrice for a psychiatric evaluation.

In August of 2011, a 900K settlement was given to Mitrice’s family. Nonetheless, the police station did not confess to any wrongdoing.

Mitrice had graduated with honours from Cal State Fullerton and was looking forward to a brilliant future. She had schemed to apply to graduate schools and wanted to seek her doctorate in psychology.

Besides her stellar intellect, Mitrice was also a cheerleader in high school, and elegance queen, and adored dancing!

What do you think occurred to Mitrice?

There are quite a few elements Mitrice’s family found over time which has lead them to think Mitrice was having some kind of mental break – Unusual posts on her social media, notes left on cars, etc.

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