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Mysterious Disappearance Of Beverly Ann Ward

Beverly Ann Ward (Date Of Birth 4-17-65) was very small and petite for 13, 4’8 and weighed about 50lbs. (Note: don’t read too well into her weight, it could be a mistake. they had to paste up handwritten documents from 1978 to put this in namus, etc) She had an abnormality, an additional bone in her middle finger that extruded and looked like she had an extra finger.

Siblings Of Beverly

Beverly Ann Ward | Echoes Path
Credit: EcheoPath

She was the youngest of 8 siblings and grew up in Junction City, Kansas. Most of her siblings had already grown up and moved out by 1978. So at the time, Beverly stayed with her 16-year-old sister Brenda and their parents.

On July 3, 1978, Beverly expended the day with a 9-year-old friend who napped over that night in the spare bed in Beverly’s room. They were planned to go camping the following day. The friend came forward recently and told nothing was off about Beverly that day. She didn’t remember anything extraordinary happening, or anyone strange chatting to them.

A Dark Night Of Beverly

1970s Archives - Our Black Girls
Pic: Our Black Girls

So in the early hours of July 4th, sometime around 6 am, everyone in the home was aroused by a brick being hurled in the window of a neighbours house. Numerous people on the street got up and got out to watch what happened. Beverly’s family and her friend got up, walked on the porch to see what occurred, and then went back in.

They realised Beverly was gone, and the screen had been removed from her room window. It was recovered later, in one piece ten yards from the house.

Nothing Was Missed

The police were called and discovered nothing missing. Even the $12 Beverly was saving up was yet in her drawer. The backpacks she had packed for the camp were left behind too. Police instantly ruled it an abduction because of the conditions and the fact Beverly was a little mentally younger than her years and weak. She was never supposed a runaway. The FBI became involved soon after.

They assessed she’d been taken at 3 or 5 am. They inquired neighbours if they saw anyone or anything dubious at that time. Some people alleged a vehicle parked at her home, but there was no explanation.

City Of Junction

Junction City is a transient city, where people didn’t reside for a long period. Hundreds of people passed through. They realized their perp possibly wasn’t from the region, after querying many suspects. They inferred this person was a transient who took Beverly and then went on their way to another state and didn’t live anywhere too long.

Anyway, the house was torn down in later years, and a new one was built in its spot. Beverly’s parents are dead. All her siblings are yet alive, so is the friend who she napped over with.

She has no DNA or dental up so may have been discovered and gone unrecognized. There are completely no answers in this case.

But there are numerous questions! How could the perp break in without arousing the friend? Did the perp hurl the brick? And why? If he took Beverly out of the home, how did no one glimpse anything?

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