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Natty We Miss You: Disappearance Of Natty

Natanalie “Naty” Perez Blog Miami Trafficking CST

Natalanie Perez, better know as Natty was born 19th November 1992. She grew up in Sebring, Florida and was primarily raised by her aunt, Maria Mitil. Nonetheless, she was still close with her mum, Ana and sister Mary.

Her Aunt.. Pic CrediT: Missing Kidds

Natty’s Fantasies

Natalanie had fantasies of making it as a singer, and after graduating high school shifted to Miami to follow her dream. She told a friend someone had already proposed her a really favorable job for when she got there.

Nonetheless, something appeared strange once she began living there. She quit posting on social media, which was out of character for her. Her family frequently couldn’t reach her when they called and when she did answer, her answers were very brief, she sounded afraid and it appeared like someone was instructing her what to say.

At the time, Maria called the police and told she guessed something was wrong with her. They listened to the calls and said it appeared odd, but since she was a grown-up they didn’t think it required an investigation.

Text By Natty

Natty ultimately managed to text her aunt to say she required help so Maria asked her sons to go check on her. They discovered Natty with hair torn from her scalp, her nails “ripped back” and battered. She was shaking and frightened.

Natty came home to Maria and confided in her that she was being compelled into having sex with guys, and it was being filmed. She had been lured in by a fraud singing job and when she got there they somehow compelled her into sex work (the precise situations, if it was blackmail or what aren’t certain). They kept her in the Fontainebleau hotel and advertised her on backpage. They had made her call her family and say she was ok.

A Sex Wokrer

Her pimps kept her drugged and whip her when she wouldn’t play along. Natty contended that her clients would frequently be extremely rich and powerful men who would take her to have sex with them in brilliant hotels “dressed like a rich girl”

Natty was frightened of being murdered by her pimps if she didn’t play along. She characterized much of the other girls compelled into this were foreign, but a lot of them were American girls who had been fooled. Maria told her to go to the police but she refused, saying many of her customers were cops and one was a judge. She was afraid about what they could do if she reported them.

Natty got on to stay with Ana who recalled Natty was on the phone all night, and whatever she heard on the phone discomforted her.

Just a few days later, Natty said them she had to go back to Miami. Maria pleaded her not to go back, and Natty said “They may touch my body but they can’t touch my soul” and left.

She was last glimpsed on the 1st June 2012, at Burke’s Motel in Miami. She was seemingly living there. Her alleged boyfriend phoned Nattys sister and said her she was missing. He said they’d had a fight and she walked out.

They Called Her

Her family called Natty to see if they could get anything. Of course, they received no reply from her. So they reported her missing and attempted everything they could to discover her. They searched nightclubs and hotels, they put fliers all over the city. The family worked with dozens of missing person charities and foundations.

They talked to police in Miami who told they would monitor prostitution arrests for Natalanie. She has been marked as missing by her own accord.

Her family seemingly planned a 20th birthday party for her in wishes she would come home for it. She didn’t.

Its been nearly a decade and Natalanie still hasn’t been discovered. She would be 28 now.

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