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Nikki And Arianna Fitts Unsolved Case

Nicole Fitts, Nikki, 32, and her 2-year-old daughter Arianna Fitts was reported missing in San Francisco on April 5,w 2016. Nicole was last noticed on April 1, 2016. Reports of when or where she was last noticed are a bit confusing. Numerous sources say she was last noticed or heard from leaving her house on April 1st to meet someone she knew. Who she was greeting is not known. Nonetheless, police also think she traveled from her employment at a Best Buy in San Francisco via the 3rd Street Metro line at around 9:45 that same night.

Nikki In Oakland

San Francisco Police Announce $100,000 Reward in Homicide Investigation of Nicole  Fitts and Age Progression Forensic Sketch in the Disappearance of Arianna  Fitts 20-034 | San Francisco Police Department
Pic By: SF Police Department

A roommate she resided with at the time appears to have substantiated that Nikki was last noticed leaving their home to meet someone the night of April 1st. Arianna Fitts, meanwhile, was last confirmedly noticed sometime in February of 2016 in Oakland, though it is not obvious by whom she was last noticed.

Nicole, who went by Nikki, grew up the middle child of three sisters put up by a single mother. Nikki has been characterized as shy and innocent growing up but appears to have been an incredibly kind, compassionate, driven young woman. As a teenager, she volunteered often at Culver Slauson Recreation Center, and at just 15 earned an award from the city of Los Angeles for her volunteer work.

Nikki Had A Daughter

In 2012, Nikki, her younger sister Tess, and Tess’s girlfriend shifted into an apartment jointly in Pacifica. Not much has been said about her, but at some point in this duration, Nikki had a daughter named Sendy. The three had a tough time affording their apartment, and when Tess and her girlfriend moved out, Nikki, pregnant with Arianna at the time, wound up in a women’s homeless shelter, while Sendy was sent to reside with her father. At this shelter, Nikki met and started a relationship with Lemasani Briggs, who asked Nikki to move in with her.

Nikki initially paid Briggs rent and also paid her to watch Arianna while Nikki worked. Tess contends Briggs was taking benefit of Nikki, and ultimately, Briggs’ nieces, Siolo Hearne and Helena Martin started babysitting Arianna. Others reportedly asked Nikki to find arrangements for childcare outside of Briggs’ family, and after Lemasani halted watching Arianna, she raised Nikki’s rent. In addition to this, Nikki had never been given a key to the apartment and was only able to get in when someone else was home. Tess and her girlfriend tell Nikki’s connection with Lemasani rapidly became quite abusive, with Nikki often receiving abusive and accusatory text messages. In November 2015, Tess and her girlfriend picked Nikki and Arianna up from Briggs’ apartment and drove them to Santa Cruz. After Nikki left, Lemasani allegedly proceeded to victimize her, texting Nikki to ‘bring my baby back here.’


At this time Nikki was once again homeless, often napping on acquaintances’ couches and commuting from the Santa Cruz region to the SF Best Buy for work. At the exact time, she was in the center of a supervision battle for Sendy, after CPS removed her from her dad’s care, and would often have to travel to LA for court. Nikki would leave Arianna in the supervision of either Siolo or Helena while she worked and when she had to travel for her supervision battle over Sendy. Finally one of Nikki’s colleagues offered her and Arianna a place to live. At this time, Siolo and Helena became hesitant to return Arianna to Nikki. In mid-March 2016 Nikki reached them to pick up Arianna, only to be told the pair had allegedly taken Arianna to Disneyland, a fact Nikki was not notified about beforehand. At this point, Tess and her girlfriend tell they had not noticed Arianna since February, and it is not understood how long it had been since Nikki had last noticed her.

April 1st

On April 1st, Nikki expended the evening with a colleague after work, at some point withdrawing many hundred dollars from an ATM; she did not notify anyone what this was for. Later that night, her roommate tells Nikki received a call from someone and left, contending to be meeting somebody at a close restaurant and telling her she would return soon. The roommate arose the following morning to a vacant house and had received a text overnight from Nikki asserting she was leading the way to Fresno with a friend named Sam. Her roommate had never recently heard of any friend named Sam and was also confused as Nikki didn’t have a car to travel and greet anyone with. At 1:13 a.m. on April 2nd, Nikki posted to Facebook “Spending time with my 3-year-old needs this break.” This post was unusual as Nikki was reportedly fanatical about accurate grammar and spelling, and because Arianna was 2 and-a-half at the time, not three. Nikki failed to show up for the job for the next various days.

When Tess and her girlfriend found out Nikki was gone, they instantly traveled to San Francisco and filed a missing person’s report. A gardener laboring the early morning shift on April 8th at John McLaren Park noticed an odd wood board with a ‘silver character’ painted on it behind some bushes and brush. Underneath this board was Nikki’s corpse, curled in the fetal stance in a shallow grave. The death has rapidly ruled a homicide, though no details of particular injuries or the exact reason for death have been released. Search warrants were soon executed for the homes of Siolo and Helena, though there was no clue of Arianna and police say the sisters were uncooperative. During the inquiry, it came to light that Helena had recently served six years in jail after murdering the father of her kid at 18. Helena Martin and her spouse Devin, along with Siolo Hearne, have been named persons of attention in the case. The Fitts family and Best Buy have both offered separate $10,000 rewards for data leading to Arianna being discovered. The Fitts case itself, along with media scrutiny on the case, was likely hindered by what was a tumultuous year for the SFPD, which comprised numerous officer-involved shootings and the chief of police stepping down. In 2017, SFPD reported that they seized and scoured a vehicle thought to be associated with the case. Beyond that, there have been very few updates to the case in the past numerous years. Nikki’s killing stays unsolved. No one has been accused or arrested in the case. And little Arianna has never been discovered.

So what fate befell this mum and her young daughter? Why was a woman who was loved by almost everyone she came in connection with killed in cold blood? Where is Arianna Fitts today, and will she ever be found?

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