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Patricia Patti Adkins: Declared Dead

It was on June 29, 2001, exactly 18 years ago today that 29-year-old Patricia ‘Patti’ Adkins packed her bag and headed to her job at the local Honda Plant in Marysville, Ohio. The single mum of one young daughter was looking forward to her final shift before what she supposed would be a romantic getaway with a fellow line operator with whom she was having an affair.

Patti Had Ride

The couple had planned a holiday to a remote cabin in Canada nonetheless, this trip had to be kept on the down-low. You see, the two had a private relationship due to the man being married. They planned to leave jointly in his truck after their shifts. Patti had hitched a ride from a friend to work that day so her car wouldn’t sit in the company parking lot, drawing attention or looking suspicious while she was out of town.

Patti was last noticed clocking out at 19 seconds after midnight on June 29, 2001, wearing her white ‘Honda of America’ uniform. With their relationship being so secretive a rather tricky plan was concocted so they could leave jointly. Patti was to hide in the bed of her boyfriend’s truck under a tarp because a third person, also a co-worker, was going to be getting a ride home that night. Since the boyfriend was wedded, he didn’t like other people to know he and Patti were seeing each other so she reportedly snuck into the bed of the truck and readied herself for their secret rendezvous.

Pic: NBC

She was never seen again.

Patti arranged for her sister Marcia Pitts to watch her daughter while she was on her trip, saying she would pick her daughter up on Sunday, July 8. That day came and went and Patti never came. Her family knew something disastrous must’ve happened as Patti would never leave her daughter for an extended duration.

As the search for Patti heated all eyes pointed to the man she was last noticed with, her married boyfriend. When he was queried, he refuted all involvement claiming he and Patti never had plans to go on holiday together and that he just knew her ‘slightly’. He said he and a coworker left the plant together that night and drove toward Kenton, Ohio, stopping only at a Burger King for some dinner. He also claimed they had to wait 45 minutes at the drive-thru line, then headed home. The boyfriend’s wife backed up his alibi, stating that he reached home at 2:30 AM which was his usual routine. She also claimed to not know about an affair. When the Burger King manager was interviewed they said there was absolutely no drive-thru backup and related that they were never busy at that hour.

Items later discovered in the boyfriend’s home validated their affair. He would also fail a lie detector test. Other evidence included a single drop of blood in his truck bed but was unable to be tested due to the minuscule size. They also discovered cat hair reportedly matching Patti’s cat found in the bed of his truck as well. Interestingly enough it’s also been reported that Patti had given him thousands of dollars in the months leading up to her disappearance to help him “buy out” his wife in a business the married couple ran together. Patti did so at his behest because he needed to prevent his wife from taking the business during a potential future divorce.

While Patti Adkins’ boyfriend has always been the main suspect, evidentiary requirements for murder measure beyond that of reasonable doubt, and in this case, authorities say they just didn’t have sufficient to bring a conviction.

While her corpse has never been discovered Patti has been declared deceased by law enforcement.
Anyone with data on Patti Adkin’s disappearance is urged to reach the Union County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office at (937) 645-4110.

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