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Patricia Patty Stallings: A Disease And Luck

Patricia ‘Patty’ Stallings was wrongfully sentenced of killing her son Ryan, after his casualty on September 7th, 1989.

Patty had first taken the three-month-old to a hospital in St Lois, Missouri, in July 1989 after he began vomiting and having trouble breathing.

Patty, An Example Of Bad Luck

Patricia Stallings - National Registry of Exonerations
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After running tests doctors assumed that, having discovered high levels of ethylene glycol in his blood, that Ryan had been poisoned, likely with antifreeze.

Though Patty and her spouse refuted any awareness of how their son had been infected. When he was released from the hospital two weeks later he was placed into foster care, with his parents only authorized to visit him for an hour each week.

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Patty and Her Sons

Then, during their sixth visit, Ryan came to be sick. And he was again rushed to the hospital where doctors thought he had been poisoned a second time.

Police arrested Patty, who had fed Ryan a bottle soon before he was taken to hospital. As she was sitting in custody her son passed away.

While anticipating trial, Patty gave birth to her second child who also became sick, indicating identical symptoms to Ryan. She was diagnosed with a condition known as methylmalonic acidemia. The body generates a compound known as propionic acid which is identical to ethylene glycol. Despite this Patty was still sentenced to first-degree killing and convicted to life in jail.

After scientists verified that Ryan also had methylmalonic acidemia and had not been poisoned. Prosecutors regretted to Patty and the penalties against her were dropped.

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