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Rachel Timmerman: A Try For Slave

Rachel Timmerman, a 19-year-old woman, vanished on June 3, 1997. At the time, she was residing in Newaygo County, MI. A little over a month later, she was discovered tied to the bottom of a lake. Her post-mortem disclosed that she’d still be alive at the time she entered the lake and that she died after that.

Rachel had been planned to testify at the trial of Marvin Gabrion. Marvin was the uncle of one of Rachel’s buddies, Mike Gabrion. Rachel had accused Marvin of assaulting her, and Marvin was arrested with a 3rd-degree sexual attack. His initial hearing was set for June 5, 1997, and Rachel was planned to speak at that hearing. But she never appeared.

Rachel was last seen alive on June 3. When she’d gone to her residence to go out on a date with a man named John Weeks. She did not know who Weeks was. But one day he’d began calling her and wanting her to go out on a date with him. Rachel originally rejected, because she did not remember him. Still, he kept calling her, and finally, Rachel reluctantly decided to go out with him. Rachel disappeared after that.

What Rachel didn’t know was that Marvin had hired Weeks to lure Rachel out of her house.

Still, karma would trap John Weeks very shortly, as he also vanished himself shortly after that. He disappeared on June 22, 1997. His corpse has never been discovered, but it is normally understood that Marvin murdered him to tie up loose ends.

Wayne Davis, who also had been planned to testify at the trial, also failed to appear at the hearing. He also disappeared on February 12, 1997. His girlfriend, Darlene Lazo, drove to his room to investigate and discovered a note from Davis. In the note, Davis told that he’d chosen to shift to California. Still, Lazo looked through the room and discovered that all of Wayne’s clothing was still there, zero had been packed up. In unusual, his military field jacket was still in the room. And Lazo remembered he never took off residence without it.

It should be pointed out that Marvin Gabrion had been discharged from prison on bond on February 5, about a week before Wayne’s disappearance.

Before Rachel vanished, she’d said to many people that she was scared of Marvin Gabrion. She’d originally been very unwilling to blame him for rape because she was scared of him. After the rape, Marvin had threatened her that if she ever said the authority about what occurred, he’d track her down and murder her. He also threatened to murder Rachel’s daughter, Shannon. Still, Rachel’s family assured her to press charges.

So when Rachel could not be discovered, her family believed that Marvin might have murdered her. Still, their beliefs were assuaged when they received a message from Rachel a few days after she disappeared. In the letter, Rachel told that she was eloping with a man she’d come together with recently. She did not disclose the man’s name but she informed them that she’d be left for at least a few weeks because they were arranging a wedding in Arkansas. Rachel also admitted that she’d never been raped; she made up the entire rape thing for fame.

The lawyer (Crystal Roach) who’d been handling Rachel’s case also collected a letter from Rachel, saying her to drop the charges. The judge supervising the case also accepted a letter from Rachel, wherein she confessed she’d created the rape story and said him to reject the charges against Marvin. The letters were stamped with unusual holographic stamps representing a space station.

Oddly, everybody including Rachel’s own family looks to have accepted these messages as genuine. Her family did not even report her missing, because they genuinely believed she’d run to Arkansas. Nobody was waiting for her. Rachel’s family later got a second letter from Rachel wherein she told that she’d chose to stay in Arkansas forever. Still, she would not disclose the name of the man she’d wedded.

On July 5, 1997, two fishers were fishing at Oxford Lake in Oakland County, Michigan. To their terror and horribleness, they discovered the corpse of a woman, tied to cinder blocks at the underside of the lake. She was Rachel Timmerman. Marvin Gabrion was charged with 1st-degree murder.

Pic: WoodTV8

There is some proof that Rachel and Shannon were kept alive as hostages for at least a few days before they were murdered. When police arrived at Marvin’s home, they discovered diapers and baby jars, and other items which mean that Rachel and Shannon were hidden alive, at least for a time. The most alarming thing they discovered was a book about the Colleen Stan kidnapping, which made them think that Marvin might’ve originally scheduled on keeping Rachel as a slave.

When they inquired him about the book, he told that he was the owner of a Christian book store out of his residence; still, that was the only book discovered in the entire house, so it was a pretty limited bookstore.

They also discovered stamps similar to the ones utilized on the letters; holographic stamps representing a space site. It looks like Marvin kept her alive so she could be threatened into writing those messages, then murdered her. They also discovered cinder blocks similar to the ones utilized to weigh down Timmerman’s corpse, and an abundance of other evidence.

Shannon has never been discovered but is presumed dead.

Marvin’s trial started in 2002; his attitude was unusual and often violent. He tried to fire his attorney, telling him that his attorney was a democrat and he liked to be represented by a republican. The judge rejected this plea, announcing that while defendants have a right to an attorney, they don’t have a right to request an attorney from a local political party. Marvin then told he liked to represent himself, and the judge rejected that too.

The corpse of Wayne Davis was found by canoeists in 2002, just a few days after Marvin had been sentenced to death for the killing of Rachel Timmerman. Like Rachel, Wayne’s corpse was discovered in a lake, weighed down with cinder blocks

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