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Rahma el-Dennaoui: Girl Disappeared Without Trace

19-month old Rahma el-Dennaoui had seven siblings. She was crying on the night of November 11, 2005, before bedtime. She went to bed wearing pink satin flower pajamas and a Barbie t-shirt and slept between her sisters until, at some time in the night, she vanished.

It’s probable she arose and wandered out on her own. A crack in the screen was big enough for her to climb out of. It was also big enough for her to be lifted out of. No one can recall how long the opening on the screen had been there.

Rahma And Her Parents

Rahma El-Dennaoui's sister saw a long-haired 'monster' the night she  disappeared, inquest hears | — Australia's leading news site

Rahma’s parents reported her missing in the morning. Police scoured the region but did not send out an amber cue. They were not obvious if she had been kidnaped or if she had gotten lost on her own.

Local waterways were scoured, pleas were made to the public for data, later even rewards were proposed, but there were no clues. Police queried sex offenders in close towns. They queried neighbors and extended family. Nothing came of it.

Rahma was missed

Pic: NSW Police

A year later, the inquiry proceeded without much progress. Rahma now had a new younger sibling and her older siblings missed her more than ever.

In 2008, law enforcement’s promising guess was that a pedophile, killer, or probably childless person abducted Rahma, but they were no closer to discovering this person. Meanwhile, the el-Dennaouis had their 10th kid and named her Rahma after their missing sister.

In 2010, law enforcement deemed Rahma was abducted and smuggled out of the country. They did not disclose what led them to think this.

In 2012, law enforcement started to consider Rahma could be in Lebanon, where her family is from. At an inquest, announcements were made that her dad was a drug dealer and Rahma gulped an ecstasy pill the night of her disappearance. Also at the inquest, Rahma’s sister, Mena, who was 3 in 2005, remembered glimpsing a long-haired monster/thief that night. And an aunt remembered listening to a baby cry “mama” in the street. The inquest eventually provided no answers.

Later that year, law enforcement placed uncertainty on a nearby pedophile. Nothing came of that.

All these years later, the inquiry continues, but it seems they are no near to discovering Rahma than they were in 2005.

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