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Rescue Ink: A Fighter Group For Animals

The members of Rescue Ink, a non-profit animal rights group, can provide a very deceptive first impression. These strong, tattooed men on bikes look like they are excited to pick up a battle, just, in this case, their battle is against oblivious and abusive pet owners!

Rescue Ink - National Geographic Channel - Asia
Pic: National Geographic

These big men come from a variety of backgrounds – from ex-bodybuilders and powerlifting champions to military men, detectives, and lawyers. Like superheroes, they keep an attentive eye out for any indications of animal abuse. Their body of work comprises dismantling dog-fighting rings, confronting the gigantic animal abusers, and rescuing stolen animals.

Rescue Ink Members

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Rescue Ink members prefer to stay within lawful parameters. But they do not care about violating police jurisdiction to assure the safety of an animal. They not just rehabilitate animals but also give a serious tough talk to their abusers. It’s no surprise that their name alone provokes fear among these abusive demons.

Over the years, Rescue Ink has gone above and beyond to rescue numerous other animals like horses, pigs, fish, chickens, ducklings, and even a boa constrictor! Their goal is to stand as keepers for every helpless animal, and they never shy away from any tough rescue.v

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