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Ronald and Doreen Jack: Missing The Jack Family

Ronald And Doreen Jack

Ronald and Doreen Jack were a couple living in Prince George, BC with their boys Russel, 9, and Ryan, 4. On August 1 of 1989, Ronald greeted a man at the First Litre Pub. The man proposed to him and his wife a job at a logging camp in the Cluculz Lake region. He was told he would be bucking logs while Doreen would help the cook as a helper. Ronald was also informed that the camp proposed a daycare facility for his children.

Ronald With His Family

Missing since 1989: Age-progressed photos show what Jack family might look  like today | CBC News
Pic: CBC

On August 2 of 1989, Ronald reached out to his family. He let them know that he, Doreen, and the boys would be out of town for 10 days for this new role. That exact morning, they left their house at around 1:30 am. A cousin of the Jacks who dropped by the Jack house as the family was packing reported noticing a white 35-40-year-old man who stood between 6’0 and 6’5 and weighed between 200 and 275 pounds. This man would give the Jacks a lift in his vehicle. He was thought to be the individual who extended the employment offer to the family.

When the Jacks failed to re-establish connection with their loved ones after 10 days, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) issued a tourist alert on Nanaimo Daily News on August 29 prompting the Jacks to reach out to their family who was residing in Burns Lake.

13 September

On September 13, Lake District News reported that the Jacks had called Ronald’s family. The RCMP to let them know that they were okay. Nonetheless, another report referred that nobody heard from the Jacks after the early morning of August 02. Therefore, it is doubtful if the report by Lake District News was a blunder or if somebody else had phoned.

On January 28 of 1996, a man told the RCMP that the Jack family was dead and buried in the South end of Gordy’s (Cordy’s or Corry’s) ranch. The call was traced back to Stoney Creek in the Vanderhoof region, but the caller has not been recognized.

Authorities excavated on August 28-30 of 2019 South of Vanderhoofut disclosed no evidence associating to the Jacks. To this day, the whereabouts of the family stay a mystery.


Foul play

The RCMP thinks that foul play is the most probable justification for the disappearance of the Jack family. Ronald had been proposed a job on the spot by an outsider and nobody came out to substantiate the employment of the couple at any of the logging camps. RCMP also saw how the availability of daycare at a camp was rare. In this scenario, the job offer might have been a lie from a predator to persuade the Jacks towards their deaths. Or a real working position where the family got murdered to cover up some existing problem.

It must be noted that the cousin who characterized the man who drove the Jacks out of Prince George just saw him as he was waiting for the family. For this justification, the RCMP is not confident if the man was the one to offer them the job. Or if he was involved with the case beyond giving the family a lift.


The RCMP deems an accident a likelihood but has expressed that if that was the case, there would be proof of destruction and the mystery man traveling with the family would have been reported missing. This does not have to be the case, in my belief. Authorities did not know where precisely the family was going. If the family took one of the logging roads beside a body of water, which was common in that region, the vehicle could have sled into one of these hiding it along with the family. If the man the Jacks were wandering with did not keep a close connection with his family, then he might have been reported missing in another town or province if at all.


Ronald had been out of a job due to a back injury and the Jacks were living on government aid. Which is very small money to go by. Furthermore, he might have been physically abusive towards Doreen. These might have been stressors that directed to an awful situation once the family reached the camp.

If the position proposed to the Jacks was real but plagued by legal irregularities, this might clarify why the employer(s) never came out to substantiate Ronald’s story about his job proposal in any of the above scenarios

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