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Rosemary Vanished Without A Trace

On a cool Sunday night in early October, fifty-four-year-old Rosemary Rodrigues and her boyfriend, Curtis, picked up Rosemary’s mum to take her out to a feast for her birthday. A couple of nearly a year stayed late at the Golden Corral restaurant with Rosemary’s mum, Francisca, conversing and telling stories. As the evening wore on, Curtis lamented that Rosemary’s daughter and her spouse were not able to attend. He appeared anxious to see them as the last encounter he had with his girlfriend’s daughter and son-in-law was not happy.

Rosemary left Curtis

Missing Persons of America -Rosemary Rodriguez goes missing from Texas
Pic: Missing America

At that time, Rosemary had recently left Curtis, because he had allegedly become more and more controlling and jealous, and paranoid. Rosemary stated he accused her of napping around on him, and not just that, but he also accused her of operating an underground sex ring behind his back. Rosemary vehemently refuted these allegations and took some time to stay at her daughter’s home to let things cool down. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long until Curtis appeared at Rosemary’s daughter’s house demanding to see her. When she would not, he again allegedly accused her of operating a sex ring and cheating on him. Rosemary’s son-in-law ordered him off the property, declaring him to be crazy and instructing Rosemary not to go back to him. Ultimately, Rosemary did.

Rosemary Daughter

EPISODE 262: Rosemary Rodriguez — The Vanished Podcast
The Vanished Podcast

Rosemary’s daughter recently appeared on the Vanished podcast where she asserted they purposely did not go to dinner with her mum and Curtis and Francisca because they wanted to send an obvious message: they did not like Rosemary and Curtis’ association. It would eventually prove to be the last chance to see Rosemary.

Back at the restaurant, staff had started rubbing tables down and closing sections; it was almost 9:00 p.m. Checks were paid, and the party shuffled out of the organization and into Rosemary’s green 2014 Chevrolet Sonic. Rosemary and Curtis dropped Francisca off at her house in the Mt. Pisgah Rd region of Kilgore. Rosemary momentarily exited the vehicle to give her mum a hug and a kiss and got back in the car. The couple drove away, and that was the final time anyone besides Curtis saw Rosemary or her vehicle.

Curtis confesses the two got into an argument that night. And that she left him soon after coming back to his house from dinner. He told he briefly saw her the next day, Oct 7, 2019. When she came into his house in her work outfit to obtain some of her belongings and her diabetes medication. But that she suddenly left. He has stated he inferred she was leaving him yet again.

On October 8, Rosemary’s work colleague phoned her family to tell them that Rosemary had not been noticed since at work all week.

Rosemary’s family instantly began calling her, but all phone calls went to voicemail. A family member eventually got hold of Curtis who claimed he had not noticed Rosemary since she walked out on him on Monday morning. After feeling baffled by Curtis’ lack of data and knowing the unsettled relationship of the pair, Rosemary’s family got the police involved. (It should be noted that Curtis has a criminal record. You can handily Google the information, but I will not list charges here).

One year later, Rosemary’s phone was discovered. There are very limited details regarding the recovery of the phone. But we know the individual who discovered the phone came under police suspicion. He was caught and queried for hours (but finally released). The phone has been sent off to a lab to find out what clues remain. But as of today, no details have been disclosed on what, if anything, police have discovered.

Rosemary and her vehicle remain lost. The vehicle has the Texas license plate No. GCM3117. The vehicle also has a visible University of Oklahoma sticker on the back window.

Administrations are persuading anyone to come forward with any data they may have in Rosemary’s disappearance. Gregg County Crime Stoppers is proposing a reward for data on the whereabouts of Rosemary Rodriguez or her car.

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