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Shannon Sherrill: Where is She?

Where is Shannon Sherrill?


Sherrill was last noticed at nearly 13:30 on October 5, 1986, in Thorntown, Indiana. She was playing in her family’s yard with many other kids at the time she vanished.
A three-day ground, air, and K-9 search followed but Shannon was not discovered.
She was wearing a white dress with blue trim. She has a 4-inch scar on her abdomen, pierced ears, and is exceptionally shy.

Sherrill : The Charley Project

From The Charley Project: “Sherrill was last noticed at her family’s trailer house in the 600 block of Plum Street in Thorntown, Indiana on October 15, 1986. She was playing a game of “Hide and Seek” with about ten other kids at nearly 1:30 p.m. Sherrill vanished from behind the trailer and has never been heard from again. A comprehensive search of the area yielded little evidence as to her whereabouts. No one saw her leave the yard. Bloodhounds traced Sherrill’s odor to a nearby cornfield and cemetery, then missed the trail. The day she vanished had been unusually warm, but that night temperature dropped into the 40s.


A 35-year-old Topeka, Kansas woman named Donna Lynette Walker claimed to be Sherrill in July 2003. She telephoned and emailed Sherrill’s family, sending them pictures of herself and claiming to be the missing girl. Sherrill’s loved ones initially believed her, but the claim proved to be a hoax, and Walker was accused with a dozen felony counts of identity deception and inaccurate informing.

She has a criminal record for involvement in identical hoaxes, including calling in bomb threats and falsely reporting fires. Walker accepted a plea agreement for the criminal charges in April 2004 and was convicted to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty but mentally ill to felony attempted individuality deception and misdemeanor false reporting. Ten other charges were dropped. She could have gotten four years if convicted of all charges.

Walker served nine months in jail before being released on probation. The prosecutor admitted that she suffers from a mental disease that compels her to develop grand hoaxes to get attention. Walker told the judge that at the time she claimed she was Sherrill, she had been adjusting to some new medication for her mental disorder and believed she was the lost girl.

In 2006, Jeffrey L. Sunnycalb sent a letter to the Thorntown Police Department about Sherrill’s disappearance, claiming to have data on her case. Sunnyvale was sentenced to raping two kids and is presently detained in an Ohio jail, serving a fifty-year sentence. His first possible parole date is not until 2014, and he wishes to reduce his sentence by helping authorities with other cases.


He has a reputation for giving reliable information on unsolved murders; his advice to investigators led to the indictment of a suspected serial killer. Authorities stated they scheme to interview Sunnycalb and find out what, if anything, he knows about Sherrill’s case. The child’s parents have criticized the police for allegedly failing to adequately follow up on guides and failing to keep the family informed of the inquiry.

Sherrill lived with her mum and younger brother when she went missing and was a kindergarten student at Thorntown Elementary School. Her parents are divorced and her dad lives in Tipton, Indiana. Both her mum and her dad passed polygraph tests and aren’t considered suspects in her case. Her disappearance stays unsolved.”

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