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Shelly Miscavige: A Strangest Case Of Missing Woman

Where is David Miscavige’s Wife?

Scientology is one of the most controversial ‘religions’ in the world. This is due in part because of their high-profile celebrity relations, their weird genesis (from the wicked imaginings of a Science Fiction writer — L. Ron Hubbard), their history of ‘shunning’ those that they consider suppressive to the belief system, and the stature of being a costly religion for their disciples.

Scientology earned a lot of attention within its short fifty-year history with films founded on their lure (Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master), documentaries about the inner workings of their organization (Going Clear by Lawrence Wright), and some of the most popular people in the world propping up their public impression or former members that are ‘exposing’ the truth behind the religion (actress Leah Remini’s more recent defection).

From their less than humble ancestries to their status as an official religion in the USA (according to the IRS), and outlawing the religion in countries such as Germany and France — Scientology has been surrounded in mystery, dodgy press, and the church has arguably been harming too many of their celebrities’ reputations (Tom Cruise’s image has certainly taken a hit).

But one mystery that has relatively been swept under the rug is the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife of the COB (Chairman of the Board) David Miscavige.

David Miscavige is the current leader of the church and has the designation of “Chairman of the Board” as well as “Captain of the Sea Org.” The Sea-Org was a literal Navy originally commanded by Hubbard himself which sailed the high seas in the name of Scientology.

David Miscavige is a close personal friend to Tom Cruise. David was an original deputy to the late founder L. Ron Hubbard and had been working in the upper hierarchy of the Church since he was a teenager. David’s surge to the top of the church has been meteoric. From humble beginnings in Pennsylvania (where he maintains a thick Philly accent) to COB for Scientology. Although David’s supremacy as head of the church has seen the religion unquestionably rise and rise, and despite the several controversies Miscavige has been correlated to (beatings, imprisonment, bullying, vulgar behavior towards underlings) — the actual hot question that remains unanswered as far Mr. Miscavige is concerned is — where is Shelly Miscavige — the leader’s wife.

Shelly Miscavige

Pic: Nz Herald

Shelly was last noticed publicly in August 2007 (some reports state 2006).

The week before Shelly’s disappearance, David went ballistic at his wife while she carried out late-night administration on behalf of the church. This was the exact week that her father passed away.

It was actress Leah Remini that brought the missing spouse to the forefront of public consciousness. Leah Remini is popular for her role as sassy Carrie Heffernan on the incredibly popular sitcom the King of Queens. But Leah was also a devout Scientologist during her stint on King of Queens and her recent defection has seen her labeled as an enemy of the church.

Remini expended millions of her own money to fund the church (as well as $300,000 to leave the Church) and Leah had the inside ear of the church during her time within. Remini attended Tom Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes in 2006 and it was there that she first saw that the First Lady of Scientology was not in attendance at the Scientologist’ event of the century. She queried where Shelly was, as amicably as possible, to David and was dressed down by church officials with the words “you don’t ever ask about Shelly.” Leah was taken to one side and harshly remonstrated for asking the question about the missing wife.

“You do not ask about Shelly!”

Leah’s break from the church came shortly after this incident and this has been incredibly harsh. In 2013 Remini filed a missing person report for Shelly with the Los Angeles Police Department — which the LAPD decided not to follow.

Rumour has it that Shelly’s preliminary transgression (and where the ‘split’ started) was for filling out job applications without David’s knowledge or authorization (as reported by The New Yorker’s Lawrence Wright). Shelly was also anxious about David’s cold and aggressive behavior towards her and allegedly had stopped wearing his wedding ring (or so Shelly believed).

Misbehaving Scientologists have been realized to allegedly get themselves locked up in “The Hole” — a group of buildings where people are held ‘captive’.

Scientology refutes the existence of any holes.

Since her absence of whereabouts, there has been extensive speculation and intrigue into where Shelly is. David Miscavige’s dad Ron Miscavige gave an interview to Australia’s Sixty Minutes in 2019 where he was quoted as saying the following:

“Shelly, she’ll never be free… I know it’s hard to believe, but the terrible thing about this is that I’m telling you the truth… they don’t have a conscious and that lets them do it…” Ron Miscavige.

When asked if she thought Shelly to be alive a stone-faced Leah Remini said:

“I hope so.”

Ron Miscavige left the church in 2012 and was thereafter shunned by his son David since his departure. This is a formal act in Scientology. Those that wish to leave the church will be considered a ‘Suppressive Person’ by those within the church and all connection must cease instantly. This of course is a common trait of several “destructive cults”. The philosophy is that — those that are not with us will therefore be considered as against us. David has shunned his dad. And the rumor mill believes that Shelly has been urged away from both the church and the public eye in the same way David did to his dad Ron. Thereby Shelly is considered an SP (a Suppressive Person).

The LAPD police have stated they will not follow any missing person investigations into her disappearance deeming the missing person report is “unfounded.”

The Hole

“There was no end” — Mike Rinder on the Hole.

The Hole is an unofficial nickname for the Scientology Gold Base. Located in the town of Hemet in Riverside County, California. It is two double-wide trailers joined jointly with bars on the windows and guards on the door.

Mike Rinder (former international spokesperson of the church) was ‘imprisoned’ in the Hole for two years. Rinder argues that he was beaten by David Miscavige many many times. Rinder also claims that he has noticed beatings from Miscavige hundreds of times. Mike Rinder was sent to the hole under the pretext of prolonged reflection.

The objective of the Hole (which the church denies is a prison) was a purposeful place of both reflection and ‘figuring’ it out for residents. Nonetheless, the claim is that the Hole is a jail and several people have been subject to imprisonment for over a decade. The Hole could very well be hiding the former Queen of Scientology — Shelly Miscavige.

In July 2012 the speculation was eventually addressed by the Church where they wrote a letter to two UK newspapers stating that Shelly is fine and dedicates most of her time to the church and cannot be considered as “missing.”

A Match Made in Xenu

The Miscavige’s — “Reincarnated South American revolutionaries and now modern-day Religious leaders.”

When David wedded Shelly in December 1982, Shelly viewed Miscavige as the reincarnation of Simon Bolivar. While Shelly herself viewed herself as Manuela Sáenz. The pedestal on which they placed themselves was a very weird and yet, very large one.

Shelly had been within the church since the age of 12. Supportive of her spouse’s immediate rise within the Church, Shelly’s mum had passed away in 1985 from three rifle shots to the check and a superficial cut mark on her wrists — the death has been considered a suicide. A former Scientologist remarked to hear David Miscavige state that ‘the bitch got what she deserved when he mentioned his Mother-in-Law’s death.

The fall-out of Shelly’s mum’s extraordinary death and the preceding divorce from the church did not affect her status during this time. Shelly was closely involved in the Church’s connection with the Church’s highest-profile member, Tom Cruise.

Shelly assisted audit (think Catholic confessional) Penelope Cruz when she first entered the Church of Scientology during her connection with Tom Cruise. Shelly was involved in the Purification Rundown program endorsed by the church. After the Cruise-Cruz breakup, Shelly was allegedly heavily involved in the competition to find Tom Cruise a new partner (which finally lead to his relationship with Katie Holmes).

Shelly’s role within the Church was not pedestrian. She was (or still is…) an enthusiastic member with high-profile relationships and strict programs within Scientology.

So, where is Shelly?

Shelly had expended her entire life conveying orders and gathering intelligence for her husband. She and David had a civil relationship with one another in public. In the eyes of other Sea Org members, Shelly was brittle and imperious. Nonetheless; she was also one of the only members that openly questioned David Miscavige’s physical attacks against Scientology members. She may have strayed just a bit too close to the sun in challenging her husband.

“She’ll be out of sight and out of mind until the day she dies.”

A former Scientology member.

There’s very little concrete to go on beyond widespread speculation (and we all want to avoid any slander suits from the church). Nonetheless, what we do know is that Scientology has (rightly or wrongly) been tagged a cult with a history of purging those that they suppose to be enemies.

We know that allegations have been made that David Miscavige is a brutal bully with further allegations of humiliating and degrading behavior towards those beneath Mr. Miscavige. He is not averse to violence, intimidation, and ‘shutting people away’.

We know that a pseudo jail is operating in California and that members are given long periods of ‘reflection.’ We know that David Miscavige’s wife has not (or barely) been noticed since 2007 and we know that, despite LAPD’s lack of attention in the case, there have been demands by Miscavige’s own family to know where Shelly Miscavige is.

She is more than likely still alive. But what sort of life would that be if you are being heavily restrained by a fatal cult. A morbidly punishing life.

Wherever she is… we should all wish her well.

In the words of Scientology: “WE STAND TALL.”

Source: Reddit

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