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Sherri Dally: A Case Of Abduction And Murder

On May 6th, 1996, eyewitnesses saw the abduction of 35-year-old Sherri Dally from the parking lot of a Target store in Ventura, California. The sufferer allowed a blonde woman to handcuff her and then Dally clambered in the back of a car.

Sadly, 26 days later her skeletal remains were discovered in a ravine. She had been whacked in the skull with an ax or a blunt item and stabbed with a knife.

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Sherri Dally Spouse

Forensic Files The Murder Of Sherri Dally In California - YouTube

The police instantly started to examine 35-year-old Diana Haun. He was a grocery store worker and former model who had been having a relationship with Sherri’s spouse, Michael Dally, and the evidence rapidly built up.

It was found that Haun had purchased a wig, handcuffs, and fake badge only days before the kidnapping. Blood was also discovered in a rental car that observers had recognized as the car used in the abduction. Unsurprisingly Haun had rented the car.

After her arrest, she contended that she hadn’t been responsible for the murder and had been compelled by Michael Dally to murder his wife. At Haun’s trial, it was disclosed that she had dabbled in witchcraft. And had notified a colleague that she was going to get her boyfriend a human sacrifice as an early birthday present.

Michael Dally birthday was May 21st, 15 days after the kidnapping.

Haun was sentenced and given a life verdict. Michael Dally was also found guilty and convicted to life without parole.
In an appeal, Haun’s lawyers contended that the prosecutors’ conversation of witchcraft was inflammatory proof. Nonetheless, it was argued that witchcraft and Sherri’s casualty as a human sacrifice were the intentions behind the crime. The appeal was eventually rejected.

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