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Sherri Papini: A Strange Case Of Disappearance And Return

It was a crisp cool day when Sherri and her spouse went about their regular business. There was nothing extraordinary as Keith went to work. When he came home, he called out for his wife. But there was no one there. He went outside, still not extremely worried, but there was no sign. He pulled out his mobile phone and opened the find my phone app, which showed Sherri’s phone to be about a mile away, near their mailbox. He leaped into Sherri’s car to go and discover his family, but strangely, there was nobody there. He was getting anxious by now, so he rang the kids’ nursery to see what time his wife had picked up the kids. He was taken aback when they told him that the kids were still there. So where was Sheri? Keith asked his mum to pick up his kids, and then searched around the region and pinged Sherri’s phone.

Pictures Of Sherri

He found it lying in the grass, with strands of her blonde hair wrapped around the headphones. Keith took two pictures of Sherri’s phone in situ on the ground before calling nine one one. Her pink running jacket was also discovered nearby. He assumed that his wife had been kidnapped while out jogging that morning. Sherri was five foot three, about one hundred and five pounds and she was thirty-four years old. The story hugely hit the news as Keith made good use of the media to bring scrutiny to his wife’s case. People characterized Sheri as a supermom. Someone who would never have willingly left her kids. Police deputies made a public plea, saying they deemed Sherri to be at risk, due to the situation of her disappearance.

Sherri Marriage

Pic: Abc News

Sherri had been previously wedded, so a call-on was made to her ex-husband, who was out of state. He told them they hadn’t spoken in years. They made investigations with nearby hotels and motels to notice if there were sightings there. But police would also have looked at the indication that Keith presented to them. The placement of Sherri’s phone just didn’t appear right. The headphones appeared neatly wrapped around it and as for the hair? Wouldn’t that have just blown away? It’s almost like someone set the spectacle, wrapping a few hairs around it for good measure. Police utilized tracker dogs and they didn’t pick up any odor around the region where the phone was discovered. Officers told the media they were keeping an open mind.

An emotional Keith made many media interviews and started a go fund page to fund discovering his wife and it raised just under fifty thousand dollars. Keith took a lie detector test and passed. A man named Cameron Gamble got involved in the inquiry. He proclaimed to be a specialist ransom consultant. But Cameron was later said to be a bit sketchy and tagged a fame-seeker and an opportunist. He facilitated a mystery donor, who was a popular affluent entrepreneur, who initially offered fifty thousand dollars reverse ransom for Sherri’s safe return. This had nothing to do with Sheri’s family or the police. The ransom was then doubled to a hundred thousand dollars before the invitation was pulled the day before Sherri was discovered.

November 24

Three weeks after her disappearance on Thanksgiving Day, November 24 Sherri was dumped on the side of County Road 17 near Interstate 5 in Yolo County, about a hundred and fifty miles south of where she was abducted. After running to the back of the church to discover it closed, she then ran back to the road and flagged down a truck driver, who called the police. She was bruised and injured and burned by a branding iron. Her hair had been cut and she was very underweight. According to her spouse, the bridge of her nose had been broken. He also told them that she’d been thrown from her abductor’s vehicle with a chain around her waist fastened to her wrists and a bag over her head. Sheri was admitted to hospital and later told police that two Hispanic women armed with a handgun had kidnaped her while she was out jogging, bundled her into their car, whack her, and held her captive in a basement before one of them eventually left her on the side of the road.

She was emaciated and had a quarter-inch-thick chain around her waist and host clamps on her wrists. She had scrapes in various stages of healing implying she had been physically attacked numerous times over some time,” according to a police news release. The best explanation Sherri could give of them was that one of her captors was between twenty and thirty years old, and had long curled hair, pierced ears, thin eyebrows, and a thick Spanish accent, while the other was between forty and fifty years old, with thick eyebrows and straight black hair with some grey.


Sherri’s explanation of the alleged abductors was uncertain. She said they were either wearing masks or had blindfolded her the entire time. She said that over the three weeks she was gone she was whipped, starved, and kept in chains at all times. According to Sherri, the day she was released, she listened to the two women arguing, and then a gunshot rang out. One of the women came in and took her in her car and threw out her on County Road. Police told that Sherri had been ‘cooperative and courageous’ while being interviewed.

Police seized her clothes and remarked that they were different from those which she vanished in three weeks previously. They discovered two sets of DNA on her clothes, one belonging to a male and one belonging to a female. She would have had to have either been in very close connection with another male for his DNA to still be on the clothing, or he would have had to have had close contact with the clothing before she wore them. But Sherri had told she’d glimpsed only two women the whole time. Now, I know people have said this is uncertain but to be fair, we don’t know precisely what she said to the police so we can’t discount a male being involved behind the scenes without realizing more.

All we realize is that the DNA discovered did not belong to Sherri’s husband and when police searched their records they didn’t discover any matches on the system. Sherri became a real recluse after she went home, hardly being noticed outside. But after the enormous flurry of media attention, people had a lot of issues and weren’t as eager on letting it lie. Inconsistencies arose as detectives attempted to corroborate her story — including a slash on her foot that she contended her assailants gave her, but which wasn’t discovered when she was hospitalized after turning up. The intention for her abduction is blurred since no ransom was demanded and Sherri was not realized to be involved with drugs or crime. But during press conferences, police rejected to be drawn and wouldn’t give details of what evidence, if any, they had earned. But they did say that they could discover no intention as to why she was taken or indeed if this was a random or planned kidnapping.


Rumors started circulating with regards to the case. Police said that before her disappearance, Sherri had a texting connection with another man from Michigan. This had gone on for months and they had schemed to meet before Sherri vanished. His contact was saved under a woman’s name on Sherri’s mobile and her husband was said to know nothing of this until much later on. Nonetheless, he was spoken to and cleared of any involvement in Sherri’s case by the police.

Brandin Weese, who was a classmate of both Sherri and her husband, said that he “personally never had any intention to question her credibility,” but added that he “definitely understands why there are some skeptics.”

It’s said that When Sherri turned up on the side of the road in the town of Mountain Gale, she had been “branded,” with a frightening message on her right shoulder, though it was ambiguous what the image was that had been burned into her skin, or why for that matter. It could have been because she was earmarked for human trafficking but no picture has been released to the public. According to the Daily Mail police said:

‘The Sheriff’s Office proceeds to assess the brand and its possible meaning, but details of the brand stay confidential as part of the ongoing investigation.’ It’s said her spouse Keith applied for victim relief funds two days after Sherri’s disappearance. People pointed to the fact that the couple raised almost fifty thousand pounds on GoFundMe.

Having said that, it could be suspicion that has made Sherri’s account seem vague. Maybe she bargained with her captors, saying that she would not recognize them if they let her go. That the branding and cut hair was a way of robbing her individuality. She could have been through a lot terrible and we would never know. She may have thought that she would never see her family again, and that’s a dreadful thought.

So where is Sherri Papini now? Well, she recently commented to the press conserving her story and she said she wished those accountable for her kidnapping would be caught.

Her new comments came after a tipster allegedly reached the County Sheriff’s Office contending that Sherri was with him the whole time she was missing. A law enforcement source told the New York Post that the man had called them a few months ago. But to be fair, it’s quite ordinary to get a lot of crank calls when a case is in the media as much as this one.

Her husband recently said in a statement.
“Rumors, assumptions, lies, and hate have been both dull and disgusting. Those people should be ashamed of their brutal, sub-human behavior. We are not going to authorize those people to take away our spirit, love, or rejoice in our girl discovered alive and home where she belongs. I understand people want the story, images, proof that this was not some kind of hoax, plan to gain money or some fabricated race war. I do not see a motive in addressing each preposterous lie. Instead, may I give you a glance of the mixture of horror and joy that was my experience of reuniting with the love of my life and mum of our children.”

Since her return, Papini has been living a silent existence at her family house on the outskirts of Shasta Lake; a small town of ten thousand people in Northern California.

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