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Skylar Neese: Vanished From Home

On July 6, 2012, Skylar Neese vanished from her house in Star City, West Virginia. She was 16, at the time of her disappearance, and she was an only child. She began high school in 2010, and she was very close with Sheila Eddy and Rachel Shoaf. Friends noted that Sheila was a “bad influence” on both girls, and she was characterized as “mean” and “controlling”.

During a sleepover in the summer of 2011, Sheila and Rachel became romantically involved. Skylar saw the two in the middle of such activities during the sleepover, leaving her the odd one out. The two girls had boyfriends and were experimenting with drugs through their sophomore year in high school, and Skylar started to drift away from the two.

Skylar Disappearance

Pic BY: ABC News

After she vanished, Sheila and Rachel were quickly considered to be suspects. Students had overheard the two discussing ways they could dispose of a corpse. Not just anybody, but Skylar’s corpse. Rachel once blurted out “we should murder her!” clearly as a joke during science class. Nonetheless, numerous students felt, after Skylar went missing, that it was obvious what had happened.
Around midnight the night, Skylar vanished, and Sheila and Rachel drove to her home. Skylar joined them, unaware of what they had schemed. The two girls produced knives and started stabbing their former friend, and then stood over her and watched her die. They would later testify that her last words were just “why?”

The following day, Sheila and Rachel “helped” look for Skylar, knocking on doors and saying they hadn’t noticed their friend. Despite being seen on security cameras getting into Sheila’s car, investigators and parents didn’t appear to notice that it was Sheila’s vehicle she got into.

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