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Steve and Katie Pladl Incest and Murder:

Incest and Murder: Steve and Katie Pladl

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On the day Katie Pladl turned 18, her adoptive parents told her the reality of her adoption; her biological parents gave her up when she was eight months old due to financial crises and alleged abuse at the hands of her dad. Katie was realized for her artistic talents and fantasies of becoming a digital advertiser; her adoptive mum called her pac-man because of her love for food. Despite having strategies of going away to college and knowing the history of her dad’s aggression. She moved into the house of her biological father Steve, her mum. And their two other daughters in August of 2016.

Mother Of Steve And Katie

Despite the happy reunion, Steve and Katie’s biological mum legally separated just months after she arrived. According to Steve’s wife, Soon after Katie moved in he started wearing skinny jeans, cut off his facial hair, and began sleeping on the floor of her room. Less than a year after their separation, she realized that Steve got Katie pregnant after reading her 11-year-old daughter’s journal; inside, she realized that her dad instructed their daughters to refer to Katie as their stepmother. When confronted, Steven contended that he was the baby’s dad and that he was in love with his daughter and schemed on marrying her.

After Katie’s mum took out of restraining order on Steven to protect her daughters, Steven and Katie got wedded in Maryland after lying about their biological connection to one another; they then shifted to North Carolina and bought a house together. They appeared to be establishing a happy life together until January of the same year when they were arrested on incest charges. When arrested, authorities discovered their baby boy inside of the house; he was born in September of 2017. They were released on bond with the rigid instructions to have zero contact with one another and Steve was urged to leave the house they shared.

Katie had plans of shifting back in with her adoptive parents and even called Steven after her release to end their marriage for good. That exact night, Steven picked up their son from his mum’s house and called her Thursday morning telling her that he murdered the baby and left it at the home. Authorities reached his home around 9:00 a.m. and discovered the lifeless body of their infant son; they received a call 20 minutes later from New Milford, Connecticut about a crime spectacle involving the baby’s parents. When they reached, they discovered Katie and her adoptive parents died from gunshot wounds inside of a pickup truck. Steve Pladl committed suicide the exact day after driving to New York.

Source: Cold Case Blogger

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