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Steven Clark: Vanished In A Washroom

Steven Clark was born in Colchester, Essex, in 1969, to parents Charles and Doris. One day when Steven was two years old, Doris left the home to go shopping. Unbeknownst to her, Steven had somehow gotten out of the home and had started to follow her. She quickly heard a commotion and discovered that Steven had wandered into the road and had been hit by a lorry. He spent a month in a coma and was left with a pronounced limp and permanent injury to his left arm.

Steven Was Happy Man

He was said to be a delighted person, though the limitations of his disability sometimes got him down. Steven worked hard and excelled in his courses, even earning an “Apprentice of the Year” award. He attended the Rathbone Society in Redcar, which is an association that helps disabled people find jobs. Steven very much wanted to find work. But sadly he found that employers were reluctant to hire him, due to his disability.

The day When Steven Went Missing

Pic: BBC

On December 28th, 1992, Charles Clark had a ticket to go watch the Middlesbrough football match. Steven had wanted to attend the game with him, but Charles told him that he could only go if he paid for his ticket himself. Steven decided not to go. According to his parents, it was a running joke in their family that Steven didn’t prefer to spend his cash on anything.

According to Doris, with Charles away at the football match, Steven decided that he needed to go for a long walk. So they took a walk along the beach and ended up in Saltburn, around 45 minutes away from their house. At this point, Steven said he wanted to use the bathroom and so they stopped at a public restroom. Steven went into the men’s restroom and Doris stayed outside for a minute before deciding to go into the women’s restroom.

No Clue

When she came out, there was no clue of Steven, so she concluded that he was still in the restroom. She sighted two men and a little girl there. The two men took turns staying outside the men’s restroom with the little girl while one of them went inside. Doris didn’t think to inquire either man if they had noticed her son in there.

And she didn’t want to go in there to check on him herself, because in her own words, “He would have been stunned. He was 23, not a child.” After staying a while longer (I couldn’t discover how long exactly), she determined that Steven had simply left without her and headed home, so she followed suit.

But when she eventually got home, Steven was not there. When Charles reached home, she told him that Steven was missing and they went out to look for him together. After 24 hours had passed, they called the police. Nonetheless, the police couldn’t discover any signs of Steven or what had happened to him either.

Additional info

There were various unconfirmed sightings of Steven following his disappearance, but it’s doubtful if any of them are reasonable.

According to Charles, Steven had met a girl at The Ship Inn in Saltburn and had begun dating her days before his disappearance. I couldn’t discover any data about her though.

A witness came forward recently to tell that she had sighted Steven near his home at around 3 pm on the day he went missing, which was about the exact time he supposedly disappeared from a public restroom 45 minutes away.

In 1999, the police received an unidentified letter claiming that Steven’s parents had killed him. While the author has since come forward, her individuality and the full contents of the letter have not been released. Nonetheless, she confessed that she didn’t really know the family and that her accusation was just based on a “feeling”.

Steven’s case was officially classified as murder in 2020 and his parents were assumed the main suspects. They were arrested but later released. A thorough search was performed of their home and yard, but no information was discovered.


His parents are responsible for his disappearance. We just have Doris’s word for them even being at the public restroom that day, as no observer has ever come forward to substantiate her story.

Plus, her story is odd and why would she just leave her disabled son behind? Granted he was an adult, but if you thought something might be wrong, wouldn’t you check on your son anyway? Also, it seems that this case was badly investigated initially and the fact that the search of their house in 2020 turned up nothing doesn’t prove their innocence, since they’ve had decades to get rid of anything incriminating. It’s unclear what their intention would have been, but perhaps whatever happened to Steven was an accident that they covered up.

It was a crime of chance and Steven was abducted from the public bathroom. Or Doris’s belief that Steven had left without her was valid and someone abducted him on his way home.

What do you think?

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