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Steven Damian, Boy Vanished In Air

The Circumstances On October 31st, 1955, 2-year-old Steven Damian went missing from East Meadow, Long Island, New York. His mum had left Steven and his seven-month-old sister outside the supermarket (or bakery, banking on the source) while she shopped for about 10 minutes. When she came back, both kids were gone. The seven-month-old sister was quickly afterward discovered a few blocks from the supermarket, but Steven was nowhere to be discovered.


In November 1955, Steven’s parents received three letters demanding increasingly huge sums of cash in exchange for Steven’s stable return. Steven’s parents tried to comply, but the writer of the letters turned out to be a student at Queen’s College in New York who had zero to do with the 2yr old’s disappearance.

People assumed that Steven might be the ‘Boy in the Box’, due to resemblances in their appearances. Nonetheless, Steven had a healed arm tear that the anonymous boy did not, and their footprints did not match. DNA testing performed in 2003 verified that Steven was not the ‘Boy in the Box’.

In 2009, a Michigan man called John Barnes contended that he was Steven, nonetheless, DNA verified that he was not.


Was this a foreigner kidnapping or a cover-up by Steven’s mum?
In a prior write-up, various people mentioned that they suspected Steven’s mum (Marilyn Damman) of having something to do with his disappearance. A previous write-up comprised a link to a YouTube video of someone contending to be a former neighbor of the family, contending that Steven’s mum was abusive. Nonetheless, the video is now inaccessible and I am uncertain of its validity.

Was this the work of a preferential predator?
This was my first feeling when I browse that, while both Steven and his sister initially vanished, the sister turned up a few blocks away, still in her baby carriage.

Did he wander off?

I’ve noticed people mention before that Steven may have elected to go for a walk with his sister. Pushing her baby carriage a few blocks before wandering off.

Was Steven abducted to be raised as someone’s kid?
LE thought it was possibly sufficient to assume that James Barnes might be the missing boy. I wonder, though, if authorized to take both Damian kids, why they would choose Steven unless someone particularly wanted a son?

What do you think occurred? Any extra info or assumptions?

Source: Reddit

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