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Su Taraskiewicz’ Disappearance And Murder, Still Unsolved

Who Was SU?

In 1992, Su Taraskiewicz was 27 years old and acted as a ramp supervisor at Logan international airport in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the first female to maintain the position of ramp supervisor for Northwest Airlines, but she had to battle hard to become one. A male colleague of Su’s who was less skilled than she was had illegally paid to be facilitated to a position that Su should have given. Su filed a protest claim. It took three years, but in the end, she gained her case and got her promotion.

Even though Su was an intelligent, well-educated woman well-liked by her colleagues and her family, she had a tough time at job. She worked at a male-dominated departments, and was frequently terrorized and sexually oppressed by her male coworkers. Su was put through many spoiling things at work, someone urinated at her locker, sexually symbolic notes and death warnings aimed at Su were left around the workplace. One day, Su came into job and discovered a sketch of a tombstone on her desk. The harassment Su received was so substantial that I can’t detail it all, but Su kept a journal during the period of 8 months were she interpreted everything she was subjected to.

SU Disappeared

Inside the murder of Northwest Airlines employee Su Taraskiewicz.
Credit: Mamamia

On Saturday, September 12th, 1992, she was, according to her colleagues, in her direction to pick up food for herself and some colleagues. But she didn’t come back at all. Su had ever been a reliable employee and had never skipped work. Despite that certainty, her colleagues did not report that she had vanished, and did not notice for her either, but simply carried on with their day. Because Su was an active adult with an active schedule, her family and friends did not believe something was bad just because they hadn’t heard from her in a few days.

It wasn’t until she did not appear for her shift on Monday the 14th that her employers reached her family to investigate about Su/ alert the family that she hadn’t appeared for work. Her family went to the police station instantly to report Su missing, but once they had given Su’s name at the desk, they were told terrible news by the Chief of police. Su had been discovered dead.


A passerby had glimpsed how a huge pool of blood had formed under the trunk of a car stationed outside an auto repair shop in the community of Revere, MA. The police were electrified, reached the spectacle, and opened the trunk. She had been whipped and stabbed to death. Along with the corpse, cash was discovered that was later presumed to be payment for the food Su was presumed to pick up.


This case is assumed to perhaps be related to a fraud that took place at Logan Airport in the summer of 1992, whilst She was employed there. Some employees at Logan Airport dealing with luggage were caught and sentenced to steal newly made credit cards delivered by post to their actual owners. The workers are thought to have stolen 7 million dollars in this way. Su personally thought that she was victimized because she was a female and in a greater position of power at the company, but some guess that her colleagues might have victimized her because they believed she might have reported them to the police. She told her mum that she had no indication that this was going on, and the police never suspected her to be involved in the violations.

Despite what I guess is a truckload of information, particularly against one of Su’s male colleagues, no one has ever been sentenced to this terrible slaying. I wish that there one day will be explanations for the Taraskiewicz family. May she Rest In Peace.

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