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Sumio Suenaga: Found In Room

Sumio Suenaga, 66, went missing in 2015 while living with his younger sister and brother in Kasugai, Aichi, Japan, according to his siblings’ testimonies. Because the two siblings hoped their brother would return, they did not disclose his missing until 2016, a year later.

Sumio Suenaga Body

Pic: Japan

After five years, the younger sister opted to utilize her brother’s room, which had been vacant for five years. There was a lot of cleaning to be done, as predicted. But she didn’t get very far before she came across an unclothed skeletonized body. The authorities were originally unable to determine the age or gender of the body. Despite suspicions that it belonged to the missing brother, according to the story. The person had been dead for a few years, and the reason for death was unknown.

Surprisingly, even by Japanese standards, the house was quite small. It’s difficult to conceive that three individuals living in such a property would be unaware of a body decomposing nearby. Also, did they not consider looking for his brother in his own room before concluding that he had vanished?

As strange as that may appear, I believe the most plausible conclusion is that the older brother passed away. (could be due to natural causes, or maybe he was killed by his siblings). Following that, his siblings either did not care enough to offer him a burial or actively attempted to conceal his body. Given that three siblings in their 60s were living together in a small dwelling, their financial condition was most likely dire. This could explain why the victim was found naked; perhaps the siblings didn’t want to squander their expensive clothes. Then, after 5 years, they decided that enough was enough and that they needed to use the room for something else, so they reported to the police as if they had recently discovered the body. This is the most reasonable explanation.

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