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Suzie Escobedo: In Front Of Eyes

On August 2, 2018, Suzie Escobedo was at the family’s mobile home near Seadrift TX doing laundry and looking after her four-month-old baby. Her 7-year-old son was at school and her husband was at the job.

Suzie texted a few relatives that morning but no one in the family had a connection with her after 1 p.m. When her husband came back home from work at 7 p.m., he found out Suzie was missing and made a police report.

Authorities instantly suspected that Suzie did not leave her own free will in part because her four-month-old was discovered alone in the house. All the belongings that Suzie would take with her were also left in the house, including her cell phone, purse, and keys.

Suzie Left No Clue

Authorities searching for missing Seadrift woman | News |
Pic: Victoria Advocate

LE seized the mobile home and collected fingerprints. The outcomes of any testing of items in the home or fingerprints have not been made public.

Over the last 11 months, professional searches have been performed by LE, Texas EquuSearch, and the Texas Rangers, but no clue of Suzie has been discovered. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office has offered a prize of $500-1000 for data on Suzie’s whereabouts but there have been no workable leads.

The Sheriff has said that LE determines something bad happened to Suzie founded on their investigation, as they have uncovered no known troubles in her personal life or reasons why she has not been seen or heard from.

The absence of any known problems or issues in Suzie’s life is supported by Suzie’s mum who spoke with Suzie shortly before she went missing. The mother was leaving to visit family in Mexico and said their phone call was normal and that Suzie told her mum that she would see her when she came back from the trip.

Suzie texted her husband a selfie while he was at his job shortly before she vanished, making a “kissy face” to him. Neither the text nor the picture indicated any problem or anything out of character.

There is very little data about this case in the media or about the status of the investigation which appears to have gone cold.

In an interview (in Spanish), Suzie’s mum says that authorities have told her that they have evidence that Suzie didn’t leave on her own but won’t tell her what that evidence is yet until they verify and have sufficient proof.

The article with the interview of Suzie’s mum states that when Suzie’s husband reached home at 7:00 pm the baby was drinking a bottle. If true, that suggests Suzie vanished quickly before he reached home as a four-month-old cannot prepare or pick up a bottle on its own.

More information on where Suzie lived. Her mobile home is outside of the small town of Seadrift in an isolated area. It’s on a street called “Loop Road” which as its name suggests, is a loop—not a street someone would randomly drive down unless they lived there. Very rural area, sparsely populated near her home.

Initial social media posts indicated Suzie was doing laundry at a laundry facility at the mobile home park. Could she have left the baby to make the short walk to pick up a load of laundry and been kidnaped?

I do not think Suzie walked away or committed suicide. No understood substance abuse, no known relationship issues, no diagnosed mental health conditions or struggles with depression, no known enemies. She was a stay-at-home mum taking care of a four-month-old baby.

Postpartum depression? But she left the baby, keys, and purse, all at home. Just looks strange. Particularly considering LE has been firm in their belief that foul play occurred.

I have not noticed or heard of anything to suggest the husband is responsible for her disappearance. But significant others are always first to mind. Certainly, LE has substantiated that the husband was actually at the job until close to 7 p.m.

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