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The Axeman Of New Orleans: Still Mystery

The Axeman Of New Orleans

The Axeman of New Orleans was a famous serial slayer who broke into many houses by breaking down his victims’ doors with an ax. His actions took place between 1918 and 1919, and no proof was ever vital enough to find anyone. The axeman teased the city with his crimes, even writing letters to local newspapers in which he alleged to be a devil from hell.

The Axeman of New Orleans Preyed on Italian Immigrants | History|  Smithsonian Magazine
Pic: Smithsonian Mag

Twelve recognized victims were discovered.
The Axeman would come in the night, chisel a panel out of the back door, and decapitate and dismember his victims in their sleep. What distracted police the most was this ritual and if it was the slayer’s signature or his MO.
A series of identical operations took place in Texas and Louisiana in 1911, with 49 casualties total. The Axeman left a note for the police one night saying, “When He maketh the inquisition for blood, He forgetteth not the cry of the humble, human five.”

Who Was He?

A rumor was circulating that maybe the Axeman was a man named Joseph Momfre, who was ultimately slain by the widow of one of the victims. A ringleader for blackmailers in the New Orleans mob, Momfre was incarcerated in 1911 soon after the first set of murders ended and released in 1918 just before they started again. There is little information though that supports Momfre as the actual Axeman

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