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The Icebox Murder: Murder of Fred and Edwina Rogers

“On all the racks and in the freezer container were the dismembered corpses slash in unwrapped, washed off pieces tinier than individual joints… “ (Amarillo Globe-Times). It wasn’t until Houston operatives found out the cracked heads of eighty-one-year-old Fred Rodgers and seventy-nine-year-old Edwina Rogers. Heads were inside of a crisper bin in the fridge of their house. That they acknowledged they weren’t glimpsing a freshly slaughtered hog like they originally believed. This was a horrible murder case. On June 23, 1965, Houston, Texas police officials received a call to conduct a well-fare check on the aged couple. After finding their corpses, their 43-year-old live-in son Charles became their major suspect. Despite residence with his parents, they hardly saw him and were even uncertain of what he did for work. Investigators soon found out the man’s colorful past and his involvement with the CIA and foreign relations.

Icebox Murder Was Brutal One

Famous Murders of the 20th Century: Fred and Edwina Rogers murder 6/20/1965  Houston, TX *The Icebox Murders* | Bonnie's Blog of Crime
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After autopsies were conducted on Fred and Edwina the coroner found out that Edwina was savagely whipped. Before being shot in the head execution-style while the more brutal murder was saved for Fred; he was whipped to death with a hammer before his eyes were gouged out and his genitals were discarded. Investigators all acknowledged that this crime was one of fascination and was perpetrated by someone with a powerful emotional tie to the sufferers.

The Time Of Icebox Murders Case

At the time of their demises, Fred was a former real-estate salesman. Edwina was working as a home products saleswoman. Neighbors interpreted the couple as a normal American family. Some were surprised to learn that they had somebody else living there. The few that knew of Charles, nonetheless, characterized him as a recluse. That left the home before his parents woke up in the morning. He came home after they were in bed for the night. He even went as far as buying a hot plate for his bedroom. So he could cook his feasts without interacting with Fred and Edwina.

It wasn’t until retired detectives Martha Hughes and Hugh Gardenier started investigating the cold case of the murder. They found an abusive past that they assumed to be the intention for Charles savagely killing his parents.

He Was Abused By Father

From the time Charles was a youthful boy, his domineering father would physically abuse him. Finally, this escalated to Fred stealing money from him after developing his name to sell lots of lands while he was out of the country. The whole time Fred was busy funneling money from his son, Charles had enrolled into the United States Navy. He became a geophysicist or tremendous at finding natural gold mines, gas fields, and oil fields. He worked internationally for some time during the 1950s and 1960s finding these stocks and was affiliated with A.M. Van Fossen- a legend in treasure hunting circles. Charles became a registered pilot and spoke seven varied languages fluently. He was a very intelligent, patient, and affectionate man. How were his parents unaware of the kind of work he did?

Still A Mystery

To this day, Charles Rogers is yet missing. Detectives think he disappeared to either Mexico or Central American to live out his days. There are rumors that Charles was killed in Honduras by men he employed to help him uncover a gold mine. But these assertions have never been verified.
What do you think occurred to Roger’s Family?

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