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The Mysterious Deaths of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kramer’s

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In April of 2014, dutch college graduates Lisanne Froon and her roommate Kris Kremers took a six-week tour to Panama. This was a congratulatory holiday trip for a freshly graduated Lisanne. The idea for the tour was to enroll with kids and learn Spanish. After just three weeks of being in Panama, both girls vanished after a hiking trip near Baru Volcano. Nearly two months after their disappearance, Lisanne’s bag was discovered comprising both cell phones, her digital camera, and several personal effects from both girls. Located within the cellular appliances and the digital camera were almost 100 attempted 911 calls. There were suspicious pictures taken of uncommon landmarks, and a photo illustrating an injured Kris. When the partial remains of both girls were found four months after they went missing. It only put up more questions.

Lisanne Froon And Kris Kremers

Lisanne Froon was known by those closest to her as positive, enthusiastic, and reliable. She had graduated with a degree in Applied Science the last September. She worked as a waitress in a cafe near her house. Lisanne’s roommate, Kris Kremers also worked with Lisanne and was known to be incredibly creative and open-minded. The two conserved for six months to make the tour to Panama. On March 15, 2014, they reached their destination. They schemed to stay there for two weeks before moving to Boquete to stay with a regional family while they volunteered with children.

What Happened To Lisanne And Kris?

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On April 1st around 11:00 a.m., the girls left the family house with their dog to go hiking near the clouded jungles that encircled Baru Volcano. Soon before they left for the hike one of the girls posted on Facebook about their intent of exploring Boquete for the day and were glimpsed having lunch with two Dutchmen before they strolled onto the trail. The host family they were living with became worried when their dog came back home without the girls. On the next day, both girls’ parents were notified of their disappearance. On April 3rd, both families and Netherland administrations reached Panama to conduct a ten-day search of the jungle. Where they were last glimpsed. The parents of Lisanne and Kris proposed a $30,000 reward for any knowledge leading to their location.

Ten weeks after their disappearance, Lisanne’s book bag was found in a rice paddy near a riverbank in the village of Alto Romero; inside the bag was $83 (U.S.) in cash, two bras, Froon’s passport and both phones still in decent condition.

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Calls To Police

Upon examining the contents of both cellular appliances and Froon’s camera, it was found that 77 tried calls were placed to emergency services. But none of them went through due to an absence of service in the region. A picture was taken around the time they reached the forest near a route at the overlook of the continental range; this led administrations to think the girls potentially fell off a hill when heavy rain moved into the region.
On the day of their disappearance, the girls were glimpsed strolling along the route. They roamed into the jungle just hours after the first trouble call was made at 4:39 p.m. from Kremers iPhone.


April 1st, 4:51 p.m.: A second try was made to catch up with authorities off Froon’s Samsung Galaxy SIII. (Called 112-Panama’s distress line)-Unsuccessful
April 2nd, 6:14 a.m.: A try to call 112 was made from Kremers iPhone-Unsuccessful

6:58 a.m.: A try was made to call 112 from Froon’s phone-Unsuccessful

10:53 a.m.: A try was made to call 112 and 911- neither calls went through

April 3rd, 9:33 a.m.: A try was made from Kremers phone to call 911- Failed

1:50 p.m.: Froon’s phone is switched on to check for potential signal

4:00 p.m.: Kremer’s phone is switched on to check for a signal

4:19 p.m.: Froon’s phone is switched on to test for cell signal

April 4th, 9:33 a.m.: Kremer’s phone is switched on to test for a signal

4:42 p.m.: Kremer’s phone is switched on to check for a signal

(Froon’s phone was not switched on this day)

April 5th, 10:50 a.m.: Kremer’s phone is switched on to check for signals

4:37 p.m.: Kremer’s phone is switched on to check for service

4:50 a.m.: Froon’s phone is switched on to check for service

5:56 a.m.: Froon’s phone is switched on and the battery dies- there was no more activity from Froon’s phone.

On April 6

April 6th, 10:26 a.m.: Kremer’s phone is switched on to check for signals but the pin was entered wrongly and is not accessed with the exact passcode again (Does this indicate that Kremer died on April 5th after the passcode was entered correctly at 4:37 p.m.?)

Authorities assume that she slipped and fell off a monkey bridge when heavy rainfall set on the cliff.
10:51 a.m.: Kremer’s phone is checked again but inaccurate passcode is entered again

11:56 a.m.-1:05 p.m.: The last tries at entering the exact passcode in Kremer’s phone was entered and left on for an hour then switched off and was no turned back on again.

On April 8th

On April 8th between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., 90 flash pictures were taken in the deep forest probably near a river or a ravine. A few of the photos illustrated rocks with various personal effects on the top. On one rock there was toilet paper and a mirror, on another there was a twig with candy wrappers and plastic bags and in one picture, the back of Kremer’s skull is shown with blood near the temple. Lisanne probably took the pictures of the rocks and Kremer’s corpse to track her actions to return to Kris’s corpse or for authorities to find her corpse in the future?

Nothing But A Backpack

Apart from the backpack discovered ten weeks after their preliminary disappearance, nothing else substantial was discovered to unravel what occurred except when a pair of Kremer’s jean shorts were discovered a few kilometres away from where Lisanne’s bag was discovered. The shorts were zipped and folded neatly on top of a rock by a riverbank.
Two months later, a partial pelvis and boot with a foot still bound was found on a riverbank along the Culebra. Thirty-three more bones were widely dissipated across the same bank and after DNA testing, it was substantiated that the remains belonged to Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers; their reason for death is still unclear. A Panamanian forensic psychologist contended that even under serious magnification “There was no detectable scratches of any sort, neither of natural or cultural origin- there are no marks on the bones at all.”

Still A Mystery

Despite the bones indicating no clues of animal predation, Kremer’s bones were bleached. And how the remains were dispersed is still a mystery.

Over the years, countless independent forensic specialists reviewed the case and inferred that Kris Kremers fell off of a “monkey bridge” during heavy rainfall and Lisanne took a photo of her corpse to record what occurred to her friend. Nonetheless, in February of 2017, another college grad student went missing on a route just 30 miles from where Lisanne and Kris died. Her corpse was discovered soon after and it was apparent she had been brutalized and suffocated with her swimsuit cover-up.

Eight Suspects But No Charge

Panamanian governments imprisoned eight people about her demise but no charges have been filed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation gave a press conference soon after her disappearance that there might be an apparent relationship between the two cases and there might be a serial killer in the region.

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