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The Mysterious Man Of Japan, Vanished Without Trace

It was 10:45 AM on July 2, 2002. A limited express Shinkansen (Bullet Train) passed through Kobe’s Sumiyoshi Station. Sumiyoshi Station was not a place that was meant to be made and drove past it at almost 100 kilometers per hour. One man on this train was interpreted as being dressed in red clothing unexpectedly without warning and to the surprise of passengers was noticed having jumped off the speeding train and crashed with the metal fence. Even more startling though is how he stood up and stepped towards the station’s ticket gate and once he reached was never noticed again.

Strange Man

Once the train came to a stop the police performed a search for this man and strived to arrest him for disobeying the Railway Business Act of Japan. The police nonetheless didn’t quite know where to begin and found this case to be bizarre with one of the officers in charge saying “こんな『途中下車』は聞いたことがない” which in English approximately means “Never have I listened of such a stop-off” They scoured the immediate region and checked nearby hospitals for any victims with the injuries likely to be expected from such an incident but returned empty-handed.

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Man Jumped From Train

As the windows of such trains don’t open this unknown man probable leaped from the carriage coupling. The officer in charge of this inquiry gave another quote “新快速から飛び降りて大きなけがもないなんて…。ミステリーだ” which in English is rough “He leaped off of a speeding bullet train and underwent no serious injuries…It’s quite the mystery.”

Said mystery would only thrive more unexplainable during the police’s examination of the region when they found just how hard he had landed. On the platform of the station is a metal fence and this man had crashed with the fence with such force that he bent it. He bent it so hard that it stayed that way many years later and is probably still like that to this day. Nonetheless not only did he just bend the fence. As seen here he even demolished or broke it in some parts. This would kill or hardly injure most people but as mentioned he just stood up and fled. The fence was metal particularly steel and the platform was concrete so there couldn’t have been anything fluffy for him to break his fall on.

No Information

At the time the station didn’t have any CCTV cameras so the police couldn’t check them and if it wasn’t for the physical information mainly the fence and the many eyewitness accounts then there would be no information that this person even existed.

Police think the man’s back is what crashed with the fence as it was the only version of incidents they could think of in which the man would withstand. But yet again they were met with a similar problem, how to explain away the validity that he just stood up and fled without any indications of injury such as a limp.

The only assumption that ever came up to clarify that was that his adrenaline levels were so elevated that he just didn’t endure any of the pain but yet again two dilemmas arise with that line of thinking. First of all, even if someone doesn’t feel any suffering they are still afflicted with such injuries and thus should be indicating signs of them.


And second, once the adrenaline wore off he likely would’ve sought out a physician or go to a hospital to treat his injures but as mentioned no hospitals or medical centers reported a man fitting his description or with such injures ever reaching to be treated. But at the same time, it took two days for newspapers to report on his occurrence so he could’ve gone to a hospital in a different region to be treated but once this case did reach the news any doctor should’ve been eligible to put two and two together determining he even sought the aid of health care services.

Nothing is realized about this man, his individuality or his final fate and whether he even withstood once he reached the ticket gate of Sumiyoshi Station he was never noticed again. But the police did figure one more thing out and that is that this was completely purposeful and likely planned. He had to board the train on the coupling connecting the carriages when it was halted at another station without being noticed and then he had to hid there while the train was moving and wait for it to reach Sumiyoshi Station before jumping off.

Where He Was?

Nonetheless, the intention and why he would even desire to do this also stay unknown if he had somewhere he wanted to go that he was late for and couldn’t wait for the next train he could’ve effortlessly had taken a taxi cab or postpone whatever arrangements he may have had. And also where ever he had to be he considered getting there on time so crucial that he chanced his life and broke various laws and regulations just to get there and probably hardly injured himself in the process.

Another apparent reason is that this is thrill-seeking or a test of courage but the probability of being fatally wounded or hardly injured and arrested makes this uncertain. Another theory is that this act had no justification other than the man just wanting to jump off a train. Or one of the most problematic theories is that this was an act of suicide nonetheless as pointed out in one of my sources he also aimed promptly for the fence and platform knowing it would bring him to a stop and at this special station if he wanted to murder himself he could’ve done it at any opportunity.

The statute of limitations on this case passed in 2003 stopping all official inquiries into this case. Following this incident station employees declined to talk about it to anyone who asks although numerous like to show this to mean that something much more mysterious is at play it’s much more probable that as pointed out by one of my references the station workers were likely just irritated at it frequent being brought up when they didn’t realize any more then the public did.

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