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The Search for Diamond and Tienda

The Search for Diamond and Tienda

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Ten-year-old Tienda and three-year-old Diamond Bradley vanished on the morning of June 6, 2001. They were last noticed in their apartment. Their mum, Tracey Bradley, notified police she last saw her two daughters around six in the morning before she left for her job. When she came back to the apartment in the early afternoon, she discovered a note that was allegedly written by Tionda, saying they’d gone to a store.

Tienda was presumed to go to a summer school program but was reported absent that day. Many neighborhood children reported seeing the girls playing outside their home at noon but did not notice them again that day. Supposedly, Tracey stated that she and George were scheming to take the girls camping that day but that remained questionable.

Diamond and Tienda Vanished

Police began one of the biggest manhunts in Chicago history after the girls vanished, searching open fields, railroad cars, and 5,000 abandoned buildings. It largely turned up nothing. Later Tracey realized she had received a voicemail from Tionda at 9:30 am the day the girls went missing: “Mama, this is Tienda. Mom, pick up the phone. George is at the door. Can I open the door? He said that we are going to Jewel’s to pick up the cake there. We’re coming to pick you up from work.”

This message suggests to either George Washington who was romantically involved with Tracey, and Diamond’s dad, or a neighbor and close friend of Tracey, who sometimes babysat for the kids, and they were very familiar with him.No one realizes which George was at the door. The voice mail message which was heard by their aunt, along with about 10 other family members then “mysteriously” vanished.

What happened to it?

The case was handled by regional and state police and the FBI, but nothing had ever turned up. It had been stated that Tracey Bradley had not been very cooperative but had taken a polygraph test and was not a suspect. It is thought the girls are dead or no longer in the United States. This year, Tienda would be 29, and Diamond would be 22. Over the years, the family has proceeded to release age-progressed pictures to show how the sisters would look now.

There are recently produced images of what the sisters could look like today. In 2008, a private detective assumed that a mysterious Internet picture that occurred on a MySpace profile was Tionda Bradley; but that finding later proved false. Then last year, a Texas woman claimed she was Tionda Bradley, but Bradley’s heartbroken family rapidly disclosed that the woman was lying. Their mum has long since moved away from the Bronzeville neighborhood where the girls were last noticed and have changed her phone number.


The sisters’ great aunt, Shelia Bradley-Smith, said many years ago that she got in touch with the family that now has their current phone number to let them know about the girls, just in case Tionda ever got in touch with her. As for her nieces’ disappearance… “I love Tracey with all my heart, but I have to say what I think, and she knows that.”And what does she think? She just knows that specific things trouble her. For example, on the camping trip, Tracey and George said they were taking with the two girls.

“Never in my life have I listened to anything about camping from them,” Bradley Smith said.“Very unusual.”She’s asked about reports that George Washington was found with a receipt for gloves, bleach, and garbage bags that he bought at a Home Depot.”Very suspicious,” she said. The final reported sighting of the girls by an adult other than Tracey and George was their grandmother, who tells she saw them the day before, during the afternoon. Bradley Smith said she doubts something may have happened to the girls that night.

May Be

She’s played every possible scenario in her head, always coming up empty. Otherwise, if she knew, “we wouldn’t be having this discussion,” she said. When asked what she thinks happened, Bradley Smith offered a piece of information that hasn’t been made public before.“Our family, with our cell phones, we have a family plan. One of the family members, the records said their cell phone had no activity from 2 a.m. until 2 p.m.The day Tionda and Diamond went missing. Now I realize the only way there would be no activity is you’re out of range during that time. Roaming.”She didn’t name the family member or say where she thinks they went. The cell phone record, maddeningly blank, just gnaws at her…

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