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The Twins: Case Of Ivon and Inisha Fowler

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Ivon and Inisha Fowler

In 2016, caseworkers from the Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth, and Families received a call and go out to answer back to allegations of abuse. When they reach to conduct a wellness check, they remove four kids from the house.

What should have just been a simple removal, came to be a full-blown mystery. After more investigation, authorities acknowledge that there should have been two more members in the house. Fraternal twins, Ivon, and Inisha Fowler. But the twins hadn’t been noticed since 2006. An extraordinary 10 years.

There was minor to no trace of the twins ever existing. No birthday pictures, old clothing, baby teeth that had fallen out….nothing. There weren’t even any records of the twins ever going to school. It’s like their whole existence was wiped away except a Birth Certificate that was discovered through hospital records.

The Twins


The records reveal that the twins were certainly born on October 23, 1998, at Magee Women’s Hospital. The only picture that detectives could find was a black and white picture of Ivon and Inisha as newborns that the twin’s grandmother had tucked away.

Family and friends were of no assistance. Their dad, Daten Sr., was in and out of jail and in between households and had little to no remembrance of the twins past their toddler years.

Their older sisters and brothers just recalled them being “gone one day.” No one remembers from where, when, or why they vanished, or at least no one that that is ready to talk.

After the disappearance provoked an investigation, detectives received text messages and calls from someone who would allege to be Ivon. Nonetheless, it was his older brother Datwon Jr. who said that his mum Patricia Fowler told him to send the messages so that the police would stop looking for the twins.

If the twins are alive they would be 22 years old.

Source: True Crime Room

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