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Three Serial Killers, Three Strange Stories

Charlie Brandt

Charlie Brandt is a suspected serial murderer who murdered his mother (who was pregnant) when he was thirteen years old. He also shot his dad and assaulted his sister. He got out of jail one year after and the family never discussed that attack later. In 2004 Debbie knight who was friends with the owner of the home, Michelle Lynn Jones discovered she wasn’t replying to telephone calls, knight went to the house and looked inside to discover Brandt’s decomposing body hanging in the garage. Brandt murdered his wife by stabbing her and murdered his niece, Michelle Lynn Jones, after Jones died he chop her head off and cut her heart out, and sat them on the table.

Michelle’s post modem mutilations were similar to other killings and the police connected him to 24 killings that had similar mutilations. Including one that his wife thought Charlie murdered as they were pretty close to the killing scene and on the day of the murder Charlie’s wife saw blood on him, he told it was from fishing, but to me, that’s pretty fishy. There is more to this story but the similarity was that the woman who was killed, Sherry Perisho, had her heart removed.

John Brennan Crutchley

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John Brennan Crutchley, his alias is the Vampire Rapist and he is probably linked to over thirty murders. He was never charged with any murders but chanced he was. In 1985 a nude teenaged girl, handcuffed at both feet and ankles, was discovered crawling along the side of the street she was missing 40 to 45% of her blood. He also set needles into her arm. He was sentenced to 25 to life for that case but released in 1996, only 10 years for that crime. Luckily only one day later he was back in prison for marijuana, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and went go to hell in 2002 after Erotic asphyxiation went wrong.

Mike DeBardeleben

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Mike DeBardeleben aka “mall passer” is linked to two cases but thought to have killed many, many more. He was named the mall passer because he was passing counterfeit bills in shopping malls bordering interstate roads across the United States. After his charge for those crimes, the secret service began linking him to horrifying sex crimes, not all the time deadly but still vicious. During the investigation for the equipment with which the notes had been made, photographs were discovered representing the rapes and killings of women. He was never charged with any homicides but his sentenced sure looked like it, 345 years in jail for the counterfeit crimes.

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