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Tiffany and Michael: A Crime For Money

Carol and Reggie Sumner (both 61) only error was that they liked a young woman named Tiffany Cole (24). She had once been their neighbor, and they had assisted her in every way they could when Tiffany’s dad died. They took her in as their own.

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Tiffany In 2005

In June 2005, The Sumners shifted to Jacksonville, Florida. Tiffany required a vehicle, so the Sumners sold her theirs for next to nothing, again attempting to support the young girl out in her dad’s absence. Tiffany went to Florida with her boyfriend, Michael Jackson, to get the car. They stayed at the Sumners house while in town. During the visit, the Sumners mentioned that they earned a good deal of money for the house they’d sold up north.

Tiffany and Michael needed that money. So they went back home and came up with a strategy.

Couple Rob Disabled Elderly Couple; Bury Them Alive | Criminal
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The following month, Tiffany, Michael, and their friends, Alan Wade and Bruce Nixon, traveled back down to Florida. Alan and Bruce knocked on the Sumners door, contending car problem and asking to use the telephone. They were welcomed into the house. Once inside They held the Sumners at gunpoint (the gun was fake but the couple didn’t realize that) They utilized duct tape to fasten their hands up, and put them in the suitcase of their car while they looted the house. They took the couple’s atm card and compelled them to give up their pin code.
Next, they drove the trusting older couple to a place they’d selected ahead of time. The couple’s shallow tombs were already dug.
They buried the couple alive.

Somehow Reggie was eligible to get his hands free, and he held his spouse as they died.

The murderers sold all of their casualties stolen belongings and withdrew $1000 from the bank. Police were eligible to trace them through this activity.
Bruce received a minor verdict for informing police where to discover the corpses and testifying against Tiffany, Michael, and Alan. The three of them were all convicted to death.
Tiffany, nowadays on death row, is energetically attempting to get her verdict commuted. She expects a new trial, contending her lawyer did not represent her appropriately. Tiffany also tells that, while she was present during the horrible crime, she’s not guilty of first-degree killing because she didn’t personally murder the Sumners. She tells that she did not “bury the bodies” therefore she’s not sinful.

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