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Tracey Ann Patient: A Murder Mystery Of NZ

On Thursday 29th of January 1976, the Tracey Ann Patient 13-year old disappeared while walking home after expending the evening with a girlfriend. She was last noticed alive around 295 Great North Road, Henderson, Auckland, jogging towards Dellwood Avenue and late for her 9:30 pm curfew. Her corpse was discovered early the next morning, 15 kilometers away in the bush near the Waitakere Dam car park on Scenic Drive. She had been suffocated with a stocking tightened by a stick. Her signet ring (given to her by her boyfriend) and items of clothing were eliminated. There was no clue of a sexual assault or defense wound.

Tracey Ann Patient cold case: New witness comes forward |
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Tracey Killer

On 22 November 1977, a man (likely the murderer) called the Henderson Police Station. He said, “Listen, I am not going to give you my name or anything like that. I’ll give you data about the PATIENT murder once and once only”. He then interpreted the ring being outside in the trash bin of the Urgent Dispensary bandaged in purple tissue paper. He further told, “Take this number down 126040. I will ring back on the 30th”.

The caller never rang back. Police spent a serious amount of action attempting to solve the 126040 clues. The case was reopened in 2016 and the public reacted with around 30 theories for the code. Over the last 44 years, the Police have interrogated 850 suspects, but the case stays unsolved.

There are numerous great suggestions for the 126040 In Tracey Case:

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1) The digits add up to 13 – Tracey’s age

2) Backwards it looks over as 4 June 1921. There were nearly 40 New Zealand males born on this date, many of who would have performed in the war and would have been 54 at the time of Tracey’s disappearance. Inferring the police inquiry was thorough, these have been treated as suspects and removed on chance and means.

3) It is in a similar format as an NZ military service number 12/6040. Nonetheless, this serviceman perished in action in World War 2.

4) In terms of an alphabetical clue 1=A and 2=B, but the remaining numbers do not communicate to the 26-letter English alphabet.

BUT the alphabet relation becomes more fascinating if the code is read as 1-2-60-40.

In Hebrew, letters are assigned numeric importance. 1-2-60-40 corresponds to aleph-bet-same-mem (A-B-S-M) or אבסם (Hebrew is written right to left). This translates to “I was lost” – probably a biblical reference to the myth of the prodigal son. “He was lost and now is found” (Luke 15:24).

The AB suggests “father” and “alphabet”. The S (samekh) refers to the never-ending circle of life – symbolized by the exchange of RINGs – hence the significance of the Signet Ring. SaM i.e סם refers to “drug, potion, medicine” – “to heal”.

In Arabic, one translation is the name “Bassam”. This is the name of a popular Lebanese Druze military hero. It means “one who grins profusely”. This could be an intentional taunt to the Police to catch the murderer if they can.

Can anyone shed any additional light on 1-2-60-40

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    1. I’m thinking along those same lines too…
      -A prisoner number of a escaped conflict?
      -Was she in Foster Care at any point?
      -Product # of the pantyhose package , used to strangle her with.
      -store number/invoice # where the pantyhose were purchased

  1. Did they cross reference with military ID’s and prison ID’s in other countries? Could these numbers be associated with ID from a passport, birth certificate, microfiche, court case # or partial IRD #?

  2. First of all i see someone who worked in the medical field. He is telling you ” urgent dispensary,” he uses the term ” Bandage, purple tissue paper ” purple could be a name, ring back, he then talks about the ring, maybe try using the number in different orders, he killed before and since

  3. What if the 60 represents the hour into the month he was born? It’d be 12/2/1940 at noon. Was ahe strangled with her panty hose or someone else’s? Why didn’t they cross checking women too? It could have been a couple. Did they cross check people coming into and out of NZ around the time of dates he mentioned? He’s playing number and word games the the whole time and is errogant enough to chance being caught by a phone call to play games with the police and public, why wouldn’t he want to relive leave it by hearing about it while haveing having someone wear the signot ring also. Maybe the purple tissues wrapping paper and bandage was bought from the urgent dispensary and he droped the recpiet in the trash bin after wrapping the signot ring as a gift, knowing it was almost impossible not knowing which urgent delivery he/they went to. It has been known that husbands sometimes bring be their wives when they get back from travelling.

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