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Travis Alexander: Brutal Slaying Of The Guy

The Slaying of Travis Alexander: Jodi Arias (States A-Z Arizona) GRAPHIC IMAGES

When prosperous businessman Travis Alexander laid eyes on the gorgeous Jodi Arias at a PPL conference in September of 2006, the two instantly hit it off and started conversing every day. In November, Jodi was baptized into the Church of Latter-Day Saints to conform to Travis’ rigorous Mormon faith.

After just months of dating, Jodi and Travis were living jointly during the times Jodi made the drive to his Arizona house and in Jodi’s eyes, were becoming serious. After Travis finished their relationship due to Jodi’s jealousy issues and started dating someone new, Jodi’s eruptive jealousy and outrage sent her into a downward spiral that started with hacking into his email, slicing his tires, and sending him dozens of messages.

After Travis made it explicitly obvious to Jodi that he no longer needed her in his life, she rented a car and drove to his home to say her last goodbyes. Almost a week later when no one heard from him, his family members found his savagely killed and decomposing body inside of his stand-up shower, and Jodi was nowhere to be discovered. In one of the most dramatic and drawn-out cases in United States history, it took almost six years for Jodi to receive her sentence.

Travis Alexander Was Active

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Travis Alexander is characterized by his family members and friends as someone who was goal-oriented, optimistic, and a guiding light amongst his counterparts. Travis was very active in his church and always felt a need to push himself one step further and make a difference in the world. Travis frequently credited his success and determination to his grandfather, who would frequently tell him how special he was.

Jodi was somewhat of a drifter, moving through life from one job to the next, trying to make a career out of being a freelance photographer. To make ends meet, she worked at several different restaurants and also worked as a saleswoman.

When the two met and started dating, Travis’ friends were reluctant about the relationship due to how obsessed Jodi looked to be with him. Over the following five months, Travis and Jodi were involved in a passionate romance that suddenly ended after Travis became concerned about what Jodi was capable of. At one point, Travis remarked to his friends that he thought her to be a “sociopath” and the “worst mistake of his life.”

After Travis ended the affair, the two continued a sexual connection with one another for the next year and a half. When Travis started dating someone new in December of 2007, his tires were cut and his new girlfriend received a frightening email from a “John Doe” that he suspected to be Jodi.

In 2008

Despite the tumultuous connection between them, they decided to take a holiday together and visited many different states in March of 2008. The month following their return, Jodi officially shifted away from Arizona. Travis made a blog post stating “This year will be the nicest year of my life.

This is the year that will eclipse all others. I will earn more, learn more, travel more, serve more, love more, give more, and be more than all the other years of my life combined.” Jodi, on the other hand, posted the last blog entry that stated “I cannot ignore that there is an ever-present yearning and intention that pulses within me. It throbs for gratification and fulfillment.” Despite Travis moving on and cutting Jodi out of his life, he proceeded to text her through April requesting that she send him explicit pictures.

In June of 2008, Travis expressed to his friends that he thought Jodi had hacked into his Facebook account and he made the decision to cut her out of his life completely. On June 2, just days after Travis made this obvious to Jodi, she rented a car in Redding, California, and drove to Travis’ home.


When she reached they had sex and started taking nude pictures of one another. Once inside of his stand-up shower, Jodi claimed she dropped his camera and he grew furious and combative. In an act of so-called self-defense, Jodi stabbed Travis 27 times, slash his throat so deeply that she severed his vocal cords, arteries, and windpipe, almost decapitating him, and then shot him with a .25 caliber Winchester pistol.

The order in which Travis received these disastrous injuries was assumed by the medical examiner finding the spent shell casing in a pool of coagulated blood, proving that he was assaulted before the shell was spent from the weapon. The shot that was sent through his cheek appeared to be one last effort at making certain he was dead.

When Jodi was first interviewed she claimed that two intruders, one male, and one female broke into Travis’ house when they were in the shower. Armed with a knife and a gun, Jodi and Travis were assaulted; Jodi claimed that the gun was held to her head and when the trigger was pulled and the gun failed to go off, she ran for her life. She remembered a feeling of complete disbelief at what had occurred and gave that as her reasoning on why she didn’t call the police to help Travis.

Just days after killing Travis, Jodi went to the house of Ryan Burns, a man she had a minor love affair with before meeting Travis. When she reached, he noticed that she colored her hair and had bandages on many of her fingers. When he inquired where her injuries came from, she claimed that she broke a margarita glass at her waitressing job in Yreka, California. When detectives went to Yreka in search of her place of work, it was determined that the restaurant she told them she was employed at didn’t exist; this was investigators’ first evidence as to how manipulative and convincing Jodi was.

On June 17, Jodi willingly went to the Mesa Police Department headquarters to give fingerprint and saliva samples to test her DNA.

The examination into Travis’ death and crime scene disclosed many condemning clues as to what took place on the day of his killing. His autopsy report disclosed that the wounds caused on his body were deep, and inflicted with enormous force. When Jodi’s ex-boyfriend testified against her, he claimed that despite her small stature, she had a six-pack and was much more powerful than she seemed.

Investigators found the digital camera that was used to take naked photographs inside of the washing machine on the lower floor of his home and it was obvious that it had been put through a wash cycle. Nonetheless, authorities were able to recover some of the pictures on the waterlogged SIM card and found dozens of pictures depicting Jodi and Travis in a sexually explicit manner. A bloody handprint was discovered on the wall of the bathroom and when it was tested for DNA, a mixture of Travis’ and Jodi’s was discovered, verifying that she was present during his deadly attack.

Jodi was indicted for first-degree murder on the day of her 29th birthday and was caught on July 15th, 2008. After her arrest, she maintained her innocence and claimed that the evidence discovered at the crime scene was condemning but didn’t verify her to be guilty. When inquired about the nude photographs, she declined to delve into the reason behind taking them.

It wasn’t until August of 2011 that Jodi altered her story of the two intruders being responsible for killing Travis to her killing him out of self-defense when he lost his temper after she dropped his camera. She claimed that Travis was sexually and physically abusive towards her and even went as far as notifying investigators that Travis was a pedophile. In interviews with past girlfriends of Travis’, there was no clue of domestic violence towards any of them and they all claimed that he made them think safe and protected.

On December 20, 2012, a panel of twelve jurors and six alternatives was selected to decide the fate of Jodi Arias; this consisted of seven women and eleven men. Doctor Kevin Horn, Maricopa County Medical Examiner testified during Jodi’s trial that the injuries inflicted on Travis’ body were very deep, needed a crucial amount of force to inflict, and that Travis’ official cause of death was due to extreme blood loss.

Elizabeth Northcutt, a firearms examiner with the Mesa Police Department testified that the shell casing found at the crime scene was from a .25 caliber Winchester pistol; this weapon had previously been taken from Jodi’s grandparent’s home.

On February 2, 2013, Jodi decided to take the stand in her defense and went on to claim that she was abused as a kid by her parents. She claimed the physical abuse she endured began at seven years old when her mum started carrying around a wooden spoon in her purse for when she misbehaved. The abuse supposedly proceeded into her high school years and that is why she went to live with her then-boyfriend. All while Jodi was describing the abuse she endured at the hands of her parents, her mum was sitting directly in front of her in the crowd, showing no clues of guilt or innocence.

When Jodi “came clean” about the real nature of her crimes, she came ahead stating that Travis was sexually attracted to little boys and little girls. She also stated that he would just have oral and anal sex with her because vaginal sex went against his Mormon religion. In a video discovered on Jodi’s cell phone, Travis had her tied up to a tree as she was dressed as a little red riding hood and performed sex acts on her. Jodi claimed that Travis physically beat her, at one point hitting her in her ribs many times and breaking her finger. As a form of evidence, she held up her crooked finger for full view.

On May 7, 2013, Jodi was found guilty of first-degree killing after thirteen hours of deliberation. After just three more hours, it was assumed that she was eligible for the death penalty. In an act to save her life and receive a life verdict, Jodi plead guilty to Travis’ brutal murder; she claimed that she did so to save any more emotional pain for Travis’ family.

Jodi is nowadays being housed at Arizona State Prison Complex.

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