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TY: Sebastian Tyrese Husted Vanished In Air

Sebastian Tyrese Husted, known as “Ty” to family and friends, disappeared on January 22, 2018. Ty was born and grown in Centerville, Iowa, and was 18 at the time he disappeared.

On Sunday the 21st, Ty phoned his sister Iesha and asked her to take him grocery shopping since he didn’t have his permission at the time. After dropping him back off at his apartment, Iesha took a load of Ty’s laundry home with her to wash. This is the final time anyone from Ty’s family notices him alive. When Iesha brought Ty’s clothing back to him that evening he didn’t reply to her knock, so she left the clothes outside of his door.

Ty Coworker

SEBASTIAN TYRESE HUSTED | Iowa Department of Public Safety
Pic: Lowa Gov

On Monday the 22nd, Ty got a ride with his co-worker “Josh” (this is the name given in one article but it hasn’t been substantiated) to their pressure washing employment, which was located on a pig farm in Mercer County, Missouri. This was new employment for Ty, he’d only been working with the company for a few weeks. Ty’s boss verified that he noticed Ty that morning before he left for the job site with Josh.

Not long after reaching the site, Ty started texting his brother Malcolm asking him to come to pick Ty up. He told his co-worker had begun acting bizarre and hostile towards him. Both Iesha and Malcolm received a text from Ty that read, “Please, man, just come get me. Please.” Malcolm phoned Ty to get ways to the farm, but there was no reply. This was the final time anyone has heard from Ty. His family reported him missing two days later.

Police brought Josh in for querying but he reportedly declined to answer any queries about what occurred that day and he was released. Ty’s family states they’ve also reached out to Josh continually, but that he hasn’t reacted.

Some Facts:

Sebastian Tyrese Husted - Disappeared
Pic: Disappeared
  • Sebastian’s phone last pinged in Mercer County, about 40 miles away from his job site.
  • Iesha contends that when she moved to Ty’s job looking for him, she discovered the basket of clothes she’d washed for him in the back of the van Josh and Sebastian used the day he went missing.
  • Police scoured the hog farm many weeks after Ty’s disappearance and even drained the ponds on the estate, but nothing of interest was discovered.

So what do you guys think occurred Sebastian? It looks evident to me that his co-worker was involved. But I’d think the police would handily be eligible to make the connection.

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