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Unsolved Disappearance Of Sandy Davidson

On the morning of Friday, 23 April 1976, 3-year-old Sandy Davidson and his 2-year-old sister Donna Davidson were dropped off at their grandparent’s home as their mum, Margaret Davidson, had to go to work at the machinist factory. The street that their grandmother resided on was relatively new and crowded with hopeful new families, the majority of the people had been shifted from Glasgow into Irvine as part of Irvine’s new-town plan.

Sandy Was Playing

Pic: The Sun

Sandy and Donna were playing outside in the garden with their dog, Kissie, when unexpectedly the back gate swung open and Kissie ran out. Sandy then took off out into the street in a try to catch the dog, but not before gesturing his little sister to come along too. Donna didn’t want to go with Sandy so the small boy ran out on his own and never came back home. Donna ran into the house and notified her family that a “bad man” took Sandy.

At the time, there was a new estate being built nearby, and many thought that someone had kidnapped little Sandy, killed him, then buried his corpse underneath the new houses.

Sandy Left The Region

Sister of Sandy Davidson who went missing 44 years ago says Scots cops  ignored vital witness - Daily Record
Credit: Daily Record

A neighbor who was out tending to his garden reported noticing Sandy leave the region in a car with an anonymous man, but since Sandy didn’t look distressed the neighbor thought nothing of it.

Another assumption that people put out was that Sandy had probably chased the dog to the nearby river, had fallen in, and drowned. Regional authorities had the river dragged but no information was ever recovered leaving them at a dead end.

In 2015, a man came forward notifying investigators that he had been kidnapped, and tortured by a teenage girl from the region around the same time of Sandy’s disappearance. “There was a rope swing on the river and I had been playing down there with some other children. I was going back to my home and this lassie attacked me and dragged me into the bushes. She had a sort of den inside a big hedge, like a lair, and you had to crawl to get in it. She hit me on the head with a rock and did things to me. I remember shouting in terror for my mum.

I must have passed out because I’d been disappearing for a while, about an hour or so, and the locals were out looking for me. The next thing I recall was noticing policemen everywhere and I was being taken to hospital,” he reported. Following the claim, the police took him and his mum to the girl’s parents but no charges were ever filed. The man characterized how the assault left him mentally and physically scarred.


In September of this year, a newspaper article came out with an announcement from Donna telling that detectives didn’t follow up on the claims from an observer who told that her father took Sandy and brought the boy into their car to then drive to a field.

Donna had notified Police Scotland of this, only for it to be rejected because officers guessed the witness was uncertain and had mental health problems. Donna said “I reached the police but they very quickly rejected it. They said they believed the woman had mental health problems – but that doesn’t suggest she’s making her story up. She should have been attended more seriously.

Via Facebook

” The witness had contacted Donna via Facebook private mail on the day of Sandy’s birthday last year in May, reporting that her dad was credible for Sandy’s disappearance. “She told me that she was in a car and her dad stopped, brought Sandy into the car, and then said to her, ‘Speak to this wee boy just now, we’re going to assist him to look for his dog.’” The observer had told Donna that she can recall asking Sandy for his name and her dad taking them to the middle of a field. Donna thinks this is where Sandy is buried.

To this day, the disappearance of Sandy Davidson is Scotland’s lengthiest missing persons case ever. Donna proceeds to campaign and circulates the word in hopes that her family can get some clarity as to what occurred that Spring morning 44 years ago.

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